damaged door and fender, replacement options?


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Nov 12, 2002
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hi all
somebody banged into my 95 gt not too long ago, damage to the driver door and fender, right where they meet. I had to use a pry bar on the damage to be able to open the door.
their insurance is covering.
problem is, there arent any 'certified' suppliers of replacement doors and fenders so i would have to be on my own a little if i opt to get the damage fixed. the insurance company created the estimate based on used door/fender they located from a salvage yard.
apparently i may be over-worrying about getting something from a salvage yard because the boy shop would do the actual acquiring and if the parts come in and are substandard are not good enough to use, they can reject them and they can source better (and they would work with insurance if cost adjustment is needed).

regardless, i know there are several aftermarket sites that sell parts and such, but i dont know of any that sell doors and panels. is there someplace i can look to get such things, or should i just let the body shop find something suitable?
time is not a big factor.

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Aug 11, 2013
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Fenders are easy to source new, and available pretty cheap. https://www.macsautoparts.com/1994-...IzMHn6uQ7KjkLdFJiJE1c5rKNHDRLsMRoCZ7QQAvD_BwE

Doors you'll pretty much have to use used. I agree with the General, I'd let them handle the sourcing and the work which makes it their problem (warranty) if something isn't right. Make sure they get a nice southern rust-free door and fender and check them out before installation.

I'd insist the hinges be rebuilt / replaced. If I were doing it myself I'd also make sure all of the guts were transferred from the old door to the new (door lock and mechanism including actuator, window motor and regulator, wiring harness, speakers, buttons, door skin). Those are often left open to the elements in a scrap-yard. Since I'd do that myself, I'd ask the body shop to do that too - or minimally to give you the damaged door so you can gut it and put those parts in your spare parts collection.

Brighter side with used parts (plentiful in the junkyard) you / they could locate the right factory color (so they wouldn't have to repaint the inside etc. which is sometimes hard to match perfectly depending on the color) and they'll be made of quality 1995 American steel that's been appropriately rust-proofed and primed. The SN95's held up to the rust-belt where I am incredibly well, new aftermarket parts like the ones I listed above are likely Chinesium that will start to rust before the rest of the car.