1. lxwants12's, you said "Stalker kit" so I was referring to that ;)

    DMan's car rules w/that rear bumper. I don't care for the rest of the kit, but the rear is awesome on the right cars.
  2. Tanks Dave!..by the way for guys interested the Dech bumpers they are NOT that great to work with or install. The "DECH" valance portion is actually separate from the bumper in most cases and has to be bonded to an LX style bumper. The finished product looks flawless, however the fine gentleman who did the body called me at work many many times to express his lack of enjoyment in getting the fit to look like we wanted. I would say the install took no less than 5 hours of fitting and finishing..not including paint time.
  3. Yeah, the "real" illnotch has def. been here longer then March of 2005... I smell scam guys. Watch out.
  4. dont even start with me
    3 post, cuz i'd rather read your garbage than add to it. I guess 400 posts would make me Jesus like?
    i've been here long enough. I have 2 kits i dont need. Whoever wants them will get them either local pickup or shipped with tracking.
    that ok? Stangnets Keeper
  5. honestly..i was gonna be civil, but now you just need to STFU, cuz your trying to make me look bad

    I've been here longer than you , Clown...

    BTW.. i am the real "Illnotch"

    need proof?
  6. Maybe the classified section might be the place for the sale of the body kits.
  7. Maybe you should keep your cool, CLOWN. I think people want more assurance then someone with 3 f'in posts. I wouldn't buy anything from anyone with 3 posts, tech or not. Keep your panties from getting in a bunch. We don't need you getting hostile just because I'm white.
  8. who knew you were white? You must have a problem with that?

    Its not because your white. Its because your a proven idiot
    I posted in this section just to see if there was any interest in the kits
    If you dont want to buy something..then DONT, But dont come on her acting like you know me, calling me a "scammer"

  9. PM me with how much you want for one also. Thanks.
  10. Just telling the guys here to be cautious, seeing you have THREE WHOLE POSTS! I shouldn't even have to say anything, they should know this. Also, this is :spam: and should be posted in the classifieds section, not in Talk. :lock:

  11. seems like NOT A SCAM to me cause he offered local pickup to me in a PM or shipping with a tracking #.
  12. go find a possum.... LOL
  13. I'm gunna laugh my ass off when you all get :owned:. :)
  14. so poopdawg hows the whole no job bum thing going? :D Illnotch.. shot you a PM
  15. <<FIGHT..FIGHT>>...ssshhhh teachers comin.
  16. FYI
    if anyone has been ifluenced by "SkatDawgs" policing and negativity.
    Click on my user name..then click on "Find more posts by this member", then you all can read my 3 posts:D . all 3 pages worth!


    Kits are now spoken for. If anything changes i'll pm back those that have pm'd me.

    Thanks Guys
  17. Actually, it's going great. Thanks! Don't understand why you all are up MY ass just for trying to warn you. I'd think you all would appriciate it, other then freak out. Retarded.
  18. lol im just screwin with ya.. what ya do eat sand to port your vagina and now its all sandy :D
  19. wouldn't he have to drink sand to port his vagina. Eating it would port his bom hole ewww