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  1. Two or three years ago I built my 331 bottom end, with GT40 heads, with hopes of one day being able to afford aluminum heads for it. Last month, I scored a set of RHS heads. I had to pony up a few hundred dollars of it on my Visa at the time, but that will be payed off next week.

    I still need gaskets, better intake, larger TB, and rockers. I figured that I can slowly buy all this by next spring and have upgrades done before next summer hits. I have, or had a plan.

    Then, last night, my wonderful wife tells me that she would like to help me get my car painted for my 30th Bday that is coming up. She would only contribute a few hundred dollars, the rest she would allow me to borrow from savings and pay back monthly.

    This would entail me doing all the prep work, which would realistically take a few months. But it definetly needs paint, it looks horible right now. Also, doing paint puts off my new HCI combo a year or two at least.

    So lets hear some opinions. What would yall do? Is speed more important to you guys, or looks? This is not my DD, just a fun time cruiser street/strip car.

  2. I wouldnt do anything to toy that I had to borrow money for. Any chance you could cut/buff/polish your paint to hold out for a while?
  3. The money would be borrowed from our account, and paid back from my spending money. But, I agree with you. That has been the theme of this car since I got it, I've never owed money on it, except for the credit card purchases that were paid off at the end of the month.

    The car has been painted here and there over the years, by previous owners. The front clip has most the paint flaking off and the roof has lost about 30% of its original clear coat. Really, a whole repaint is the only way to go.

  4. I would say paint, it will be expensive though. I even know a guy that would do the paint and body work and it was more than 2k
  5. I'm guessing $300-500 in prep work, done by me. Then $2k for paint. My father-n-law did this same thing about eight years ago, except the guy did it for $1500. The problem is, this guy really isn't interested in doing anyone else's stuff anymore. But his paint turned out pretty good.

  6. Go > show.

    Im not a lawn chair nationals type. Make it go fast enough and nobody will notice the 20 footer paint job.

    ...Or look at it this way - you started the 331 build, finish off the top end before you bite off a paint project or you'll never be finished with either.
  7. Man, you make so much sense there. My wife will hate you, or me, for it. She could care less if its faster.

    Just emailed a guy on CL about a pair of rockers, so clearly I am still following through with the go fast end.

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  8. You could probably guess my opinion....I say go fast and the Heck with the paint! Mine will be 5 colors after it gets put back together this time, lol.
  9. I looked at your sig and you already seem to have a pretty nice street setup. Personally I would be happy with that setup (looking for gt40 irons for my 302) and would go with the paint. I spend most of my time cruising and hitting all the local cruise nights so I care about the appearance a little more than I would if it was more of a strip car. But if you have more of an itch to shave tenths off your ET then you know what you need to do.

  10. It's a little easier to overlook the paint on a 1400hp car! ;) But I tend to agree.

  11. F paint.
    My first vehicle was 4 different colors and I loved every minute of it. I mean yeah I did repaint it eventually, but that's just because I had the time and money to prep it and get it painted.
  12. I vote for finishing what you started
  13. I would personally vote for performance items over appearance items every time, but your wife made the deal for paint, so the smart move is to do what your wife agreed to, unless you get her to change her mind...otherwise you are not going to be a happy camper at home.
  14. prep it yourself and take it to maaco then take the rest of the money and finish off the top end
  15. I look at it this way. (then I tilt my head and look at it another way)

    If you can do the prep work for a paint job, and can do the finish work after the fact to make it stand out, then I'd do it and farm out the work to one of the "mass merchants of paint". I did that w/ three cars over the last 20 years,..and those cars were all good enough to receive consistent thumbs up comments. The key to a great Maaco paint job is obviously in the prep. Those guys do that junk for a living,..and if you do all the grunt work to keep the over spray off of what you don't want it on (i.e. headlight/tail light/glass removal, and you keep it the same colors, then you'll get a pretty decent job.
    I liken having a "decent" paint job to having a clean car. When my car is clean, I take more pride in the ownership. And it's just a better feeling when I drive it.

    If going fast is your thing, then I'm wasting my breath,... For me, I didn't care how fast somebodies else's car was if it looked like ass. It was a fast car that looked like it needed paint.
    The only place where that standard gets by for me is where the "fast" cars all look the same, and go around in a circle.

    Besides,...given what you already have, how much faster are you gonna go w/ a set of aluminum heads? a .10?,....20?
  16. I couldn't have said it better my self Mike!
  17. mustangbuild167.jpg

    Not a great pic,...but a 100% bona fide maaco paint job.


    Another before shot w/ me doing the "grunt work"
  18. Last thing you wanna do is scratch your paint while working on the motor. Work inside out, trust me no feeling than better picking that bad boy up and driving off. Just did it and it was an Amazing day!!!
  19. This has been my argument with her. Mike, I hear ya loud and clear. However, I will be extremely pissed if I only pick up .2 a second.

    Oh man, you guys are making this no better. :)

  20. I'd paint it. Seems it would make the wife happier and you're on the fence so that would be the tipping point for me. But I'm divorced so what do I know:confused: