Desirable Turbo donor cars?

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by HOWNDOG, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Quick question....

    How well does a '87 merkur rate as a donor car?

  2. merkurs are fine donors, same motors as TC AND SVO except there were not intercooled, little cam difference, and the hot side diffrerences on the t3 turbo 48 or 63
  3. Pretty good, They already have the 35lb injectors(brown tops) so all ud really need(i guess not need, but rather desire) to do is the la3 upgrade with bigger vam and intercooler. Save you some fun wiring and what not later on. You can swap as is..not sure what what computer model it comes with....
  4. Can you elaborate? I hate wiring.

    thx HD
  5. He's just saying to get an LA series computer from an 87-88 TC because they are the best and that's what the swap tutorials (such as on my site) use when setting up the wiring will be easier on you this way.


  6. Thanks, maybe I'll go take a look at the car this weekend and see if I can get myself an early Christmas present.

    I'll snoop through your links.

  7. Looks like I might sit on the fence a bit on the mercur, till after Christmas anyways. Gonna try and get a Cougar or TB so I can use some of the parts on my 85 302 Cougar...... hopefully.

  8. i though they all had the same cam??? :shrug:
  9. I need other non-engine related parts for the Cougar. Trying to hit 2 birds with 1.........