Diagnose this limited info a bit.

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  1. My buddy in his 94 5-speed ran a best of 16.3 at 89mph. His 60s was a 2.78. I know it's pretty sad and I wish I had the actual time slip with me, but since I don't what do you guys think he'll be running. He was pretty bummed out and hasn't called me since friday. He's got prochamber, dynomax, and cai.
  2. 90 MPH is usually good for a solid, low 15 second pass.

    The only thing I have to comment on....

    I could run to 60' faster than 2.78 seconds. :D

  3. lol, Very very true. But give him a break, it was his first time out.
  4. If you think 2.78 is bad, his first pass was a 18.5 with a 3.39 or so 60s.
  5. How on earth? Where's that bunny pic with the pancake on his head.
  6. Practice practice practice. Just not on the street. :D
  7. That's exactly what I told him. He lives out on the boonies so I'm pretty sure he can practice on some streets out there.
  8. damn. that's just down right awful. When's the last time he had a tune up? My car ran 15.2 @ 91 bone stock with an auto. So I think the mph is about right. How bout you drive his car one time and see if you can do any better?
  9. Tell him the burn ut box is before the staging lights come on, not once the green lights come on...


    I think MOST of us can sympathixe with him if you ever made it to the track.

    My first time I was cutting 2-3 second reaction times...
  10. Damn i getting scared now.....I'm planning on takin the stangmobile to the track for the first time this spring. I dont think i'd be too mad getting a bad time im just worried i'd do something stupid like line up at the wrong place or something like that.
  11. im guessing he launches by dumping the clutch????

    also is this a vert
  12. Yep, his vert is a dump. I mean, he does dump the clutch. I really wasn't interested in racing his car since I've never driven it before. I didn't want to make a bigger fool of myself.