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swap out 8.8 for 9" or rebuild?

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  1. swap the 8.8 for a 9"

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  2. rebuild the 8.8

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  1. well after noticing my diff is shot I happened to get a complete ford 9" for... free. now my question is do I swap or rebuild?

    what you need to know:

    I would have to rebuild both either way since the 9" has been sitting in a field for some time also I would swap it to disc brakes.

    my HP goals for my car is only 400whp and I would like it to be more of a road car then a drag car.
  2. 8.8" will take 400rwhp no problem...be far less expensive to mod and rebuild than fix up and upgrade a 9"...although 9" gets cool points, it also saps a little more power from your drivetrain.

    The only things you need to hook up an 8.8" is a new center (cheap), 31 spline axles, weld the tubes, put on a girdle and you'd be gtg for the power level you want.

  3. Control Arm mounts need to be welded on to properly mount a 9" in a fox, it is not a straight forward swap, you need new control arms, new brakes...

    Cheaper and much easier to build a 8.8 or have one built. I do a pretty much bullet proof 8.8, it features 9" bearing ends, 31 spline Moser Axles (4 or 5 lug), 31 spline Eaton Diff, all new bearings, welded tubes and brackets, and support braces, girdle, gear of your choice $1750.00 (housing not included in that price)

    You can rebuild the stock diff cheap as well if your not ready to upgrade. I have a customer that may be selling his 28 spline Moser set-up, everything is brand new if your intrested.
  4. What he said :D