Forced Induction Difficult Vortech Fit In My 94

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  1. Anyone have any idea how to finish installing this Vortech V1 S-trim? I can't figure out where to go from here...

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  2. first off this is a fox vortech setup. and what exactly is the problem?
  3. Bear with me, I'm new to this forum and I just wrote a long explanation which disappeared into the ether... I hope this is the right way to respond this time.. Anyway, the problem is getting cold air into the blower from outside the engine compartment. I can't find anything that would fit at 90 degrees from the Vortech (4 inch intake) and fit past the shock tower. I can't move the blower further forward, I've seen some Vortech pipes that are oval shaped and could probably fit, but I can't find one. The car came this way (unfinished) and I can't figure out how to solve the narrow space problem. If I COULD get the blower piped out through the wheel well, I could probably run a flexible hose up to just behind the headlight where the MAF and air filter might fit. The Anderson power pipes don't look like any fit.. Does anybody know how this could work?
  4. the power pipes do fit, you just have to cut into the fender.

    otherwise check for the stock vortech bendy hose.
  5. Is the 1994-95 forced induction Vortech pipe from Anderson the right one? Where does it go after passing through the fender? Does it reach up to the area behind the headlight? Because that's the only place I would get a 100mm MAF and airfilter to fit. Is it designed to stay out of the way of the tire? What do most people use to cut a 4-5 inch hole in the fender? As you may have noticed, I'm in Stockholm. That's going to cost about 100+ dollars to ship a powerpipe. I don't want to get the wrong one by mistake! Thanks in advance for the advice by the way, also, great website! It's 9 hours later here, so it's hard to keep up a dialog going, but I will do my best.
  6. the one i have is for a 94-95 and it does put it low in the fender. it does not impact the wheel liner. as far as the hole, i just drilled some pilot holes and then some metal shears. I put some vacuum hose on the bottom so it didn't scratch the power pipe and some small wire loom around the other edges.
  7. That sounds good. Can you look at these pics (note: centimeter scale) and tell me if you think your blower is near the same position as mine. The distance from the fender to the center of the blower intake (first pic, vertical scale) is 16 cm. The distance from the strut tower to the outside edge of the intake on the blower (second pic, horizontal scale) is 15 cm. The blower is mounted on a Motorsport 351 Winsor block.

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  8. it's not going to be the same with a 351w block as my 302 since it has a higher deck height. it should still work though with minimal modification if any.
  9. Not sure if the powerpipe comes with it but you still need the 90* rubber boot.
  10. You can buy the AFM pipe or get the plastic one from UPR. Either way you'll need to trim the fender area to accept it.

    FOX 4" Plastic Power Pipe from UPR

    SN95 4" Power Pipe from AFM
  11. the rubber elbow comes with the power pipe.
  12. Hello fellow Opal Frosty... I've got a 4 inch 90* elbow that I could modify to fit through the fender if the Vortech were an inch further forward of the strut tower. I'm considering just using a 3.5 inch elbow or the Vortech 90* intake tube with a flex pipe in the wheel well:
  14. BigSlipDaddy

    Yes, you'll need to cut a hole to accept the power pipe. It's very easy to do. When you get it, just trace the end onto the sheet metal with a sharpie.
  15. looking at your pictures again, that blower looks like a fox a-trim. that might impact how it's mounted. did you have to put different accessory bracket on the driver's side to line up the belt?
  16. If hes using a fox vortech bracket he will have to run fox accessories, not much choice there. I cant see the brakets in the pic but it actually looks like a sn bracket with the blower volute clocked for a fox set up. Either way he should have no problem getting a powerpipe to work.
  17. No it's an S-trim with 8 rib pulley (see pics) and as you see in the pic, the rest is standard for SV100948.800.jpg P9270720web.jpg P9270721web.jpg a Vortech S-trim on a 351 W.