Do I Need A Sumped Fuel Tank?

Discussion in 'Fox Engine Swaparoo' started by sharp2377, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. I am in the process of doing a 2.3-5.8 windsor swap. My question is, do i have to sump the fuel tank? The 351 I rebuilt is not a stroker motor. Basicly the only mods I did during rebuild were adding a mild Lunati cam and I gasket matched the intake and exhaust ports. Im running a summit 600cfm carb on a edelbrock performer intake. I am also using a mechanical fuel pump. Im basicly just building a reliable street with a little strip. I know I have to modify the stock tank because it was setup for EFI but because im not making 500HP I dont see why I need to sump it. Cant I just modify the in tank fuel pump to work as a pick up?? There is no power to the old EFI pump now . Also, how can I get the fuel gauge to keep working? My fuel pump doesnt have a return on it either, Do I have to run a return line??
  2. -You don't have to run a return line-that is optional.
    -The old in tank fuel pump needs to come out. I think even if you plumb it in, it won't suck gas without the pump in the tank running...know what I mean? There are articles somewhere in this site that deal with fabbing up your own pick up tube assy., but I think it would be easier just to get a pick up tube kit from jegs, or summitt, or somewhere.
    -The fuel gauge sending unit I believe is on a different circuit on the other side(middle) of the tank...I could be wrong though

    hope this helps