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  1. Guys, I started this thread, you have all forgot about the original post, it is not about the fact that dealers are charging ADMs on shelbys, that is understandable, it is the fact that the idiot I talked to at Simi Valley Ford flat out told me that the car will be worth 500,000.00 dollars in 3-4 years! That is the issue. Dealers and salesman, the majority are stupid, they think us mustang buyers are not educated on this. Believe me, how stupid do they think I am believing an 07 shelby will be worth a half a million bucks in 3-4 years, for god sakes a 35+ year old GT500, in absolute perfect original condition is not even worth 1/2 of that. It just pisses me off when these idiot salespersons say stuff like that to justify their 76,000.00 price for the shelby. i asked him why he did not buy it at that and hold it for 3-4 years and then sell it for 1/2 mil, but he did not respond, that says it all. Anyhow, the adms are going down, you can get a shelby at most dealers now for 55-59K vs 75K+ last month. It will be sticker in about 3-4 months in my opinion.

  2. Agreed... This board does not tolerate racist statements, I was just about to PM him and I see he is banned.

  3. Wow that is really stupid. But the only thing I can think this guy is thinking. Is that Carroll Shelby is going to die with in the next few years. Which in turn will make all these f-ing yuppes go out and pay stupid prices for all his stuff.