Does anyone kno the deadtimes and voltage offset for these injectors


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Jul 15, 2018
Port Mcnicoll Ontario
Hey im lookin to find the injector deadtime at 13.2 volts and possibly a voltage offset for these ford racing red top 30lb injectors. Part number 280 150 945- F1se e9a. They were pulled from a 93 cobra. I included a picture of them too. I just did a top end swap and im using megasquirt to tune it. I tried using the included deadtime and voltage from "the second pic i posted" but the car was running so rich it literally turned new plugs black within 3mins of running. So any help is greatly appreciated. Considering this car is my daily and i kind of need it for a important appointment in the next few days. So im tossing out a SOS to all you stang bangers and megasquirt runners..


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