Does Having a dead battery make the PCM fail?


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Apr 16, 2020
Hey all, I'm relatively new to this performance car stuff so bear with me. I purchased a 2014 Saleen S302 WL about 2 years ago. It's stock other than what Saleen has done to modify it. Larger fuel injectors, Exhaust, Air intake, and a PCM Calibration, which gives it a little more Horsepower/Torque so I'm told. To make a long story short I have it stored in a storage unit over the winter and come to find out the battery had died. Not sure how long the battery has been down for. Would that wipe the engine calibration settings that Saleen did to it, back to factory specs if the battery has been dead for a few months? I was told having a dead battery could cause PCM failure.
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