Does SN-95 Use Same Oil Pan as Fox?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by cmclean, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Hey everybody. I'm new to the whole SN-95 thing. I have a shortblock that I'm building, and wondering if I can use a oilpan from a Fox or do I need to look for a 1994-1995 specific oil pan?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Somebody has to know this?
  3. It's the same.
  4. Are you certain that it's the same? I see pans listed on ebay that always say 83-93. The dipstick that I have is a FRPP (M-6750-C303) piece that is listed in the FRPP 2003 catalog for 83-93. It doesn't read the level correctly in my 94. I know that someone else on here has that dipstick and it also reads wrong. So it seems that there is something different. Or are the pans really identical? Can I use any pan for a fox and use it in my 94 w/o clearance issues? Is the pickup also identical to the fox's?

  5. THats an interesting question? I went around the question by buying a canton oil pan. All the ford magazines that sell oem pans say that 83-93... I looked and looked and never found and oem pan that said it was compatable with a 94... :shrug:
  6. When I rebuilt my motor I purchased a Canton oil pan. Because my car is a '94, the guy at Canton said I needed the T-sump pan as opposed to just the normal deep sump. As far as a stock pan goes, I have no idea. I know that when I dropped in my engine about a week ago, even with the T-sump it was a tight fit near the crossmember (I think that's what it's called...). Hope this helps some!
  7. It's seems that there is a difference between them. Does anyone know what that is? I wonder if the bottom of the pan is shaped different to clear the K member?? I don't see any other reason that the pan should be different, otherwise.