Does this porting look legit??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Black331Stang, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. hey, found this on ebay and it looks sweet. i wantted to keep my cobra intake for my 331/347 but everyones telling me itll be too small even with fully ported lower..anyway does this intake and its porting seem ok? tmoss u should jump all over this lol...and do u guys think that this cobra would be good for a stroker or just go with the RPM/RPM II? only gonna be spinning to 6ish. heres teh link:

    thanks in advance
  2. I think it will work on a stroker and probably pretty well to boot, but I still wouldnt get it. Edelbrock Performers usually go for less than $375 on Ebay and for a little over 400 you could get a new Trick Flow shipped from Summit.
  3. I would say no, it looks like someone was just having some fun with a dremel and really didnt know what they were doin. Its not smooth at all and the upper has only been done where you can reach. When you port an upper you have to cut the big part off at the back so you can get inside and do the whole thing, this was obviously not done to this piece. My inexperienced guess is he probabily spent about an hour in his basement doing that hack job.
  4. The porting is VERY rough. It indeed looks like a hackjob. I dont know much about runner shape but it doesnt look uniform like in the pics i've seen of tmoss's. In one of the runner you can see the wall between runners is VERY thin, it looks more like he opened the mouth of the runners instead of reshaping them. Lots of flow? maybe, Lots of velocity, i doubt it.
  5. Even I can see that 2/6 doesn't even come close to matching between the upper and lower.
  6. Doesn't look very special to me either - and at $375 with 23 bidders and two days to go, the price is getting up there. Looks like a 1250 gasket port job but I can't see into the runners to see if they were re-shaped (where the boys are seperated fro the men). It will cost you way more than letting me do your lower.
  7. the llower/heads ports don't look ported at all, the injector dip would be almost gone if it was ported...and the turns in the runners would be straighter, i can see the turns....
  8. Sure is shiny.... :)
  9. I do not know, it looks to much like a semi-polished lower, not ported. If you want a great ported intake, take a look into TMOSS's ported lower. Now that is a port job done the correct way. This is the route that I am going and several have done before me with great results and the price is un-beatable if you ask me. Either way you go I wish you good luck. :nice:
  10. yeah i definitely wasnt getting it, i know someone who was looking at it..thanks for teh help!
  11. Looks like it was polished a little bit, but poorly ported. Lots of un-even marks. Looks like he got a dremel and tried to do it best he could. Lower intake looks rough to can see each individual marking.
  12. damnnn who would pay over $600 (w/shipping) for that thing? that is crazy
  13. That is truely insane. Nothing like a bidding frenzy to take the logic out. I'll do a much better job for anyone who wants to pay me that much money. :D
  14. absolutely stupid to go that high...ebay is all about the looks and the pics. lol
  15. Dont forget they also arent making the cobra intake for the 87-93 anymore....ive seen prices going up lately
  16. Yeah, but I see them go for $250-300 often in unported condition.
  17. I agree, this is probably a first attempt at "porting", if you notice the lower ports were not reshaped correctly, I can see several locations that will cause huge dead spots in velocity. Not worth it one bit!