Dr Gas Worth The Hype?

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  1. I'm in the market for a new mid pipe and I have always heard great things about teh Dr Gas x pipes. Is it worth the coin or will I be better off scrounging craigslist for another H pipe?
  2. Is anything ever worth the hype? I don't have any experience w dr gas but what is it that allegedly sets them apart from the rest? I dunno if I'd buy used but maybe go w bbk or another brand. If it bolts in true and seals I imagine you'll get the same gains. Mostly sound
  3. they look like just about every other mandrel bent x pipe. but the price isnt to bad and since it comes in 5 pieces you can adjust the pipes slightly for different exhaust combos and so forth. as far as hp and torque I dont think you will have a difference but ive heard it shoulds deeper when compared to the bbk or pace setter x pipes but similar to vrs.
  4. I personally prefer a 1 piece H or X pipe. The less pieces the less opportunity for leaks and less welds needed.
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  5. I have one on my car, it was bought way back when Dr. Gas was the only maker of X pipes (and my understanding is they invented the X crossover). I don't know if I'd say they in particular are better than any other brand, but I will say don't waste your money on an X that isn't a true siamese joining of two bends. The "x" pipes that are made from a clam shell looking thing are closer to an H if you ask me. The ones that are really wide looking X's have too much space in the middle to flow the way a proper X is supposed to flow. The exhaust pulses have to make too much of a bend between the pipes and essentially function like an H does.

    So, bottom line, if it's a true siamese X, and it's mandrel bent, go for it. Otherwise keep shopping.

    This is an X pipe:

    This is a glorified H pipe masquerading as an X pipe:
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  6. not really expecting any gains, my Mac is rusting through and no longer seals well. I reek when I get out of the car or sit at a stop light. Always curious what one sounded like though.
    well you got me there, but hopefully if welded correctly I wont have to worry about those pesky leaks.
    This is the response I was looking for.
  7. +1
  8. it's a nice piece but unless your a racer needing every last hp without worring about your coin then ok... i have used them over the years..mac sucks as you have seen the rust fast as hell
  9. MAC pro chamber here FTW
  10. Upr has a knockoff piece for around 175. Wish I could find one in stainless.
  11. Bassani?
  12. Hmmm. Haven't checked there yet. How is their QC? Back when they first started up I didn't hear stellar things about them.
  13. The second pic 85ss pictured of the funky X is a bassani. They work great and have a very unique sound.

    Personally for normal bolt on cars I use the UPR...otherwise I just build them myself ;)

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