Dumb convertible question

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 75player, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. Are the rear quarter windows part of the vert top or do they roll down like the fronts?
  2. Are you talking about the little triangle mirror right behind the side mirrors? if so, you can roll it up and down like the side mirrors. (You will have 4 mirror control buttons instead of 2) Hopes that help
  3. No, he's talking about windows.
  4. Aska dumb question, get a dumb answer.

    The rear windows in back of the front windows roll up and down, seperate from the vert top. Four WINDOW switches, instead of two.
  5. how many mirrors you got dude?? sounds like you drive a semi. you realize you are on www.stangnet.com right, not www.18wheeler.com ?
  6. He may of not known, or ever seen the inside of a convertible. Which is why he probally labeled this thread "Dumb convertible question." Even though I think the question has been answered I want to clarify it a bit more. Unlike the hardtop coupes, the convertible stangs have 4 switches instead of two allowing the back quarter windows to roll down.

    Another reason why he may of asked such a stupid question is a lot of times I will see people running around with the top down, but the back windows up. This is a no no for any convertible owner. If the top is down, all windows must be down, unless youre temporarily avoiding a badly aimed sprinkler. Anyways, seeing the back windows constantly up raises the question if they actually go down or not. Personally I see no reason why theyre up. If you have a problem with the wind, why the back and not the front?
  7. I assume when the back windows are up, either the driver is a moron, or the window motors are burned out (all those 1980's LeBarons cruisin' around)
  8. The ones I see are mostly 94+ stangs. Although other convertibles do it too, the sebring is #2. This idea of the motor burning out has crossed my mind. However it seems odd for the motor to be burnt out on a 3 year old or younger car. My guess is that they are morons like you said. When I put mine down I do the first two, then the second 2. They may have forgoten that last step. Everythings so automatic now, its difficult manually tell the button what to do. And most drivers just have 180 degree vision rather than 360. Nothing behind them exists. Cant see if the back windows are down, and cant see the guy tailgating you. Ya know, someone really oughta invent some kind of rear view mirror mechinsm ...:::sarcasm:::...