dyno graph for stock/near stock GT

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  1. anyone got one of these? someone with 3.73s would be nice
  2. A dyno graph will go unchanged regardless of what axle ratio the car is. A car with a 2.73 will have the same graph as a car with a 5.13.

  3. Do you need a graph or just typical numbers and what are you going to use them for?
  4. shift points maybe?
  5. Sorry, the new format has issues or I'd post two for you. They limited me to 200K of images (I'm at 190K now with 4 archived), which is only 2-4 images and now with the new format I can't delete mu old images due to a path error message when I try. 200K limit sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. cool thanks,
    tmoss, i can get the upper of a CObra manifold but not the lower, is it possible to use the stock lower with it? I was thinking cobra uper and your ported lower. would that work or would it be better to just find the whole thing
  7. Won't work at all - the stock runners are oval and in-a-line and the Cobra runners are round and staggard. You can find a GT40/Cobra/Explorer lower on ebay most anytime. They sell for $80-120.
  8. i should have figured that, thanks. are cobra and gt40 compatible?
  9. The GT40, Cobra and Explorer lowers are all compatible. The differences are in whether they have EGR passage, the EGR collnat return line and the ACT hole drilled in them.
  10. so if i have a 94 95 cobra upper, what do i need for the lower?(year, etc.). sorry for all these questions
  11. here you go. this is a graph of my stock numbers. I ran it through a shift point calculator and i recall shiftpoints being around 51-5300...i tossed a 5200 pill in my shiftlight

  12. Like I said, you can use any year! If you need to keep the EGR system working and you have a 87-93 car then you need a Cobra lower, or you can use a 96-97 Explorer and drill/tap the EGR coolant and ACT holes in it.
  13. With a 3:35 T5 my shift points are 6,000rpm 1-2, 5,400 rpm 2-3 and 5,200 3-4.