Dyno Tuners in NWA??

Discussion in 'Fox Engine Swaparoo' started by 2vNotch, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Ive got an 88 mustang with a 2v motor/tranny/computer swap that im wanting to get on the dyno to see where everythings running and have tuned. Its got a preset from a diablo handheld (used just to get around the PATS) but i feel like i could get it better dialed in and get more out of it and/or atleast see where its falling off to plan further modification, if i found some1 arnd that new what they were lookin at. Im pretty leary of using just any1 and prefer to stick with a mustang only shop to get the best results, if possible. Does any1 know if Archangel is still around in Tulsa, Ok? Im located in Rogers, Ar.....​
  2. oh.. its runnin on the factory in tank setup for fuel but its my understanding the newer engines dont use this returnless fuel system and it was gnna cost me like $1000 to do it right.... so its my guess the shop set it up according to voltage and may be the reason for tuning troubles..????​
  3. ...and how can i go about wiring up my factory guage cluster to this newer motor/computer setup?...all i have currently is an aftermarket oil press and water temp...i would like my gas, speedo, and tach!