E-brake is extremely hard to pull

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  1. i wanted my e brake to work properly i can push my car when it is applied.... i can only get 1 click when i pull up on my e-brake the pads are like new, yesterday i tried to give it a second click and it will not budge..... took both e-brake cables off of the e brake mechanism on the calipers took vise-grips and i can get like a 1/4 and that's it on both sides if i pull one side the other side gets tight.... i had to take pb blaster to free up the mechanisms on the calipers and they move freely now, also 2 sliding pins were locked up so idk if that has anything to do with it or not ? just seems like the cable is too short i have tried to find videos on how to adjust the cable but i cannot find anything...

    if anyone has ideas,thoughts,advice please let me know

    - bob
  2. Does the E-brake work properly? When you release it, so the levers on the calipers release far enough to prevent dragging? When you pull it, does it hold the car on a 30 degree incline?

    There is a self-adjuster on the handle. It's designed to take up slack on stretched cables.

    Is your issue that the e-brake is locked on the 2nd click...or that you can only get 2 clicks out of it?
  3. It works properly when released but all I can get out of it is two clicks it will not hold on any type of incline
  4. Can you verify that the levers on both rear calipers move and are not frozen

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  5. i tried to use my calipers and put the brakes back together and they locked up.... so i put the new calipers on, and bled them out and the brakes work ! i also figured out how to adjust the e-brake this is why i only had a 1/4 inch of play, after i did that i had all kinds of cable but only one side is grabbing i have tried putting it in reverse and then go to neutral and pulling the e brake im not sure how the self adjusting mechanism works.... i will try to bleed some more with the car running and see what happens
  6. Bleeding won't effect the e brake. It's purely mechanically operated by the levers on the rear calipers

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  7. ill bet tha cables rusted underneath the car