Electrical Easiest Way To Monitor Sensors In 1989 5.0?

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  1. I have a 1988 5.0 with EFI installed in my 1967 (I converted to MAF, so let's call it a 1989).

    I'd like to see what the sensors are doing, if the ecu coolant sensor is picking up the correct sensor, and if the VSS Is reading anything at all, etc, etc.

    What is the best way to do this? Is my only option a Tweecer or something comparable?

  2. binary editor and a custom chip or a Moates quarterhorse will do it
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  3. If all you want to do is data-log, there are a few options. Here's one of them:


    It appears that these guys are having supply problems at the moment. If I recall, their systems went for about $400.
  4. thats a pretty nice setup, but it only datalogs. Why not have the ability to change your tune as well all for less money? Quarterhorse new is $249 blank, no tune, Binary Editor/EEC Anaylyzer is $115. You can upload your tune your running now, load it onto the Quartherhorse and send it back to your ECU. Then make some datalogs and make any changes anytime necesary. You'll be able to have any competent tuner help you out with any tuning changes as well
  5. Thanks guys! So, moral of the story is, DEFINITELY need some sort of piggyback chip then? that's a bummer, was hoping for something cheap and easy just to check out those 2 sensors (primarily).

    On a related note.. The snap on scan tools.. IF i recall, I thought those had the ability to monitor what the sensors were doing? Haven't used one since high school, but I seem to recall they had different cartridges depending on which OBD (make/model) you had?

  6. Yeah... You're pretty much out of luck. On OBDII vehicles it would be cheap --and-- easy! On Ford OBDI vehicles you have to go through the J-3 port on the EEC and that by inheritance, is a lot more expensive.

    OBDI delivery is nothing more than Morse code for cars to give fault codes. You can't actually log sensor data through them.
  7. OBD2 is nice, I monitor my Volvo via bluetooth on my Nexus
  8. The only reason I ask about the Scantool mt2500 is i remember on an 80's GM car I had it could do realtime data logging, and that was OBD1.. Doesn't work on a Ford?

  9. You can not monitor sensors through the diagnostic port on Ford OBD1.