EBAY: Is it me or are these stock headers?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Quick5pnt0, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. i just hope the bidders dont think they are getting aftermarket headers. :nonono:
  2. sounds like a big scam to me, prob has his buddies bidding and then buying stuff just to get postive feedbacks. To be honest Ive done very few privite sales on Ebay, I usually end up buying the product on ebay but its from a company who has a website and phone # w/ tons of Positive feedbacks. I bought my Cobra Intake as a privite sale but my Shifter, Mass air system, Dimmond headlights, Saleen351 Wing, and cobra R rims were all bought from actualy companys that sell stuff on ebay.

    Someone should send the guys that one those auctions an E-mail and let them know exactly what they have bought, they are fellow stangers and there getting screwed by some scum bag.
  3. technically, everything he said was truthful, but the way he said it was misleading as hell.....

  4. " Get rid of those restrictive manifolds and upgrade to headers"

    Thats a LIE... Mustangs come w/headers there just crimped near the flange to restrict air flow. Those are almost the exact same headers that came off mine before I upgraded to BBK Shorty Headers.
  5. I have sold these on ebay, guys put them on street rods, and stuff. Guess they are better than black jacks or hedmans. They fetch 50-100 $$$$ no crap! Mo money for my build and cleans out the shed. :D ps, I don't paint mine.
  6. Old mustangs don't have headers....personaly if the guy can clean up his headers and sell them for that much then let him...the people buying then just don't lookup what they are buying

  7. It all depends on what yr your talking about to b/c I was thinking more of my style car. I guess it is Buyer beware, he should be more specific on what they exactly are but the people bidding on them should be cautious of its not exactly what they want.