1. Whats the deal with the wheel and tire sets on ebay?They have quite a few sets,the usual cobra and bullet styles but they seem much cheaper than everybody else that I have checked.I know that they are replicas and the tires arent the best but they still seem pretty nice from looking at the pictures and their new.They come with a lifetime warranty on the wheel and 1 year on the chrome.The vendors are also rated very well according to ebay.So whats the deal???Should I get them???I'm thinking about 98 or the 00 cobra wheels.I would like chrome ones but not sure if I should trust replica's.What do you guy's think???My search for 94/95 cobra wheels isnt going so well.
  2. I bought my wheels from AFS which sell on ebay as well as have their on website (www.afswheels.com). The wheels were awesome quality and the cust service was terrific. However, if you are looking for 95 cobra wheels I have some in my basement with about 10k miles on them. They look spotless. PM me an offer and I may consider.
  3. I bought some black chrome 03 Cobra's from afswheels on ebay. It took about a week to get them after the auction was over, shipping from california to ohio. The tires are kinda cheap(Summitomo's), but the rims are really nice. If you don't mind having replicas, then go for em. :nice:
  4. Also got 2 sets of 03 chrome Cobra wheels from AFS wheels (one for a friend). Absolutely mint and the customer service is outstanding. Highly recommend them.
  5. helped a friend get his white 95R's from AFS and those wheels are awesome and they even got the origional centercaps for us and put them in. I may buy them from his since he totaled his car and a white cobra with white R's on it would look phat!
  6. Bought my 03 cobras from them 2 months ago w/275 40's. Love 'em. Great price, finish and quality, I highly recomend them.
  7. I bought a set of 2000 gt wheels(chrome) off ebay for my old 95 GT, and they were great. They were way better than I had expected. Especially for what I paid. Ebay is just cheap advertising. I sold my car there last year, and had over 3200 people look at it in 7 days. Thats just nuts...........

    If you like um, go for it. Looks like everyone so far has positive feedback...
  8. Thanks for all the feedback everybody :nice: Now I just need some help picking a set out.I'm prolly gonna get a set of the 03 cobra wheels polished.Should I get a set of 17x9's and put spacers on the back or should I get 17x9's in the front with the 17x10.5's in the back?Anyone got pic's?Thanks again for the help :nice:
  9. Here's the black chrome 03's in 17x9 and 17x10.5

  10. that looks really good think they would look cool on a white car too.

    yeah AFS wheels off ebay are great.
  11. I plan on getting some of the regular chrome AFS wheels in 17x9 and 17x10.5. The bigger rear wheels fill up the rear nicely and look mean. I've had Sumitomos before and they aren't that bad. There are much worse tires out there and of course, there are better ones.

    For the price, getting larger rear wheels is worth it. Even better with the whole wheel/tire package. The Bullitts look real nice and I believe they are deep dish. Deep dish pricing is the same or real close, so that's an even better deal.
  12. I and many of my other friends have always had bad experience with Sumitomo tires. I use to have the cheap HTR+s (bought em for $109/ea) and knew a few others too, plus my best friend had HTR Zs. Within a year, including me and everyone else were replacing them. For some reason they all like to wear out in the middle. Running the correct inflation, suspension is fine, and it happened to all my friends with sumitomo. Dunno what it is, I guess they are just poorly made? But, just a precaution save your self the money and buy your own set of tires. You don't want to have to spend another $500+ on tires next year. I'd get the best tires to start with.
  13. That looks friggin awesome!!!!!!!!Done deal,I'm gettin them :banana: :banana: When I get em on the car and learn how to post pics I'll show you guy's how it turns out.Thank for all your help :D
  14. Oh....I'm gettin the polished 17x9 & 17x10.5 polished 03 cobra wheels.I might even go for the t-5 swapp and have the rear rebuilt while I'm at it.I caught the spending fever :banana: :banana: My poor poor credit card...