Efi To Carb..have A Quick Question

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  1. also i was told holley makes an accurate regulator too
  2. you'll have to get a return regulator.
  3. Sell the "hack job" harness as you described it? uhhmm.... I wouldn't count on a large return with that one.
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  4. intake, injectors, cold air..harness is crap
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  5. and BTW this car will get the snot beat out of it everytime i drive it.
  6. I'm sure Aeromotive make one that can handle that without breaking a sweat, but by the time you spend Aeromotive money on a regulator like that, you've already spent enough to swap in a proper in-line fuel pump and sump the factory tank (or even swap it for an '85 style tank that's already sumped).

    Me personally, I wouldn't run the EFI pump with a carb under ANY circumstances. You can run a bypass regulator and then run an additional regulator after that between it and the carb, and I still wouldn't feel safe. It's just not worth the risk of burning my car to the ground. I run a mechanical pump on my car (like it had from the factory, only a 90gph Holley) and it feeds my 347 just fine. I like the idea of being able to swap out my fuel pump in 10 minutes with a factory replacement if my Holley ever croaked and left me stranded.
  7. so should i just get all pre 84 fox stuff? will it work ford a modded motor?
  8. Well I have the stock 85 tank and fuel lines and I'm making well over 400hp at the crank, should be close to 400 at the wheels by now. I haven't seen any signs of fuel starvation or any reason to feel I need to upgrade the lines.
  9. What distributor are you guys running when converting to carb?
  10. You could run whatever you want