EFI to carb legal issue???

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  1. Does anyone know if the car was originally EFI, but me now hating all the damn wires, can I just swap the car to carb, and still be fine legally?

    I had always heard that if I was going to do this I'd have to have someone from the DOT review everything.

    I am really wanting to get rid of the damn AL9/A9L crap, and go big motor carbed on it. Does anyone know about the legal issues?

    Ideally, I don't want to have any sensors, or other wires. I want to have just, the ignition box, plug wires, and E-fan. That is all I want to have in.
  2. You need to check with your state government to answer this completely. I can tell you that anyplace that has emissions testing will immediately fail a fuel injected car that has been coverted to carb.
  3. Damn. I'm really tired of the EFI stuff, and was planning on selling my 302, and EFI stuff and parts, and building a carbed motor. I don't plan on DD the car, just drive when I want and track car. Would the DMV know? It has been my expierence that the DMV is retarded here.
  4. Again, it depends on whether or not you have emissions testing. If you have to visit a testing station and pass a sniffer test, then yes they'll know.
  5. Nothing goes up the tail pipe. They just put either Pass/Fail on the computer.
  6. If a visual inspection is required, you'll fail due to the carb.
  7. I dont know about your state , but in Pa. Less than 5,000 miles a year on the odo automaticly makes you emissions exempt. Im sure your can figure a way out to keep the miles off the odo if your state is similar.
  8. I just spoke with the district DMV office, and they said that as long as I pass the safety inspection, and have CATS I'll be fine. :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:
  9. Im a north carolina state inspector and that is not true. What ever emission equipment the car came with from the factory it has to have for inspection. Its just a visual inspection so if you could fine somebody to just slap a sticker on it you would be fine.
  10. OK, I might try to get what they told me in writing. I can get the sticker, and the person to enter that magic "P" and "Y".
  11. I thought that as long as you use an engine from the same year, or newer, it would pass inspection. Didn't any of the late 80's E/F 2/3/4/550's have a carbed motor?
  12. I'm just going off that the NC DMV told me on the phone.
  13. That is true. But even those motor have emission on them.

  14. You can't go by what they say up in Raleigh. Any local inspection shop has a big book that they have to keep near the inspections machine, that tells them what ever car made has to have to pass emission.
  15. I called around, and they transfered me to the emissions devision in Greensboro, who answered my question about living in Chatham county.
  16. what did they tell you about living in Chatham? That is an emissions county.
  17. They said "for Chatham you need to pass the safety inspection and have CATS on. Other than that, you're good."

    I'll call the shop I'd take it to tomorrow and see what they say.
  18. Sounds good. Let me know what they say.
  19. Will do. The only thing I'm not sure about is I know the guys really well, and they may just pass it no matter what. Then I'd be screwed if I move and have to inspect it somewhere else.
  20. yeah I understand that. Thats why I inspect my own car.:D