Electrical Problem

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  1. hi there i have a electrical question. i am in the midst of rewiring the coil and distributor harness. the reason is becaughjse age destoyed the insulation leving wires touching and no spark. all the wires were in tact enough to know where they go exept one its white with red stripe. the only places i could see it reaching is either another wire from the harness or either side of the coil. ive searched and searched for a diagram including this wire. i cant find where it goes. it is included in a connector with six other wires leading to the ac comperssor the coil the coolant temp sender. the gray in the pic
  2. sorry about all the typos. my phone doesnt like this site all the time and wont let my keyboard open and type.... but its a wire in the grey connector in the pic. any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance
  3. or rather the whiter connector in the picn the one one the right in the secand pic