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  1. Hey, finally got the 302 in the car! but, it seems as if it is leaning toward the back and it is pointing off in one direction. the front shoots towards the front right headlight. Check out these pictures and tell me what you think. We are using 302 MII specific motor mounts that are shimmed up about 1 in to clear the oil pan. Also a larger bell housing, although no modification was necessary. The transmission is not hooked up yet but I got a bad feeling something is not right.

    Thanks for any advice on this one!

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  2. so question, are the motor mounts and frame supports on the correct sides, if they are offset for some reason this could be your problem, I don't know this for sure as I still don't have my motor in, but just a thought.
  3. At first we had the motor mounts on the wrong sides, we thought about that when we had to grind to one down to pass the manifold. after we switched them if sort of falls right on the frame mounts (v6 mounts). After taking a good look I am thinking the bell housing is hitting the passenger side part of the fire wall. this weekend I will take it out to put the converter and trans on, I will also bang that out a little. Now it is off to wiring....

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. I dont know what your using for a distributor but I found that the old GM HEI one wire system is now available to fit a 302 and thats what I got, all you need is the power wire, and you can ditch all that other crap under the hood like module's and coils and the like.
  5. Really? I was thinking since the engine is out of a 73 and it has a points ignition system, does that mean I don't need all of the control modules?
  6. Points systems don't need the controllers, so you're good there.

    From what I understand, the lower mounts are also v8 specific which may be your issue as far as looking twisted in the engine compartment. Although they look right from what I can see in the pics, they may be slightly different. Getting the transmission into the tunnel and attached may straighten your issue out though. The transmission cross member is also non-symmetrical, so it will affect everything as well.
  7. Oh boy... Haha! Well I guess we will see this weekend what the problem will be. Do you know what could cause power not to come out of the key? I have power going in but nothing turns on or no other power comes out in any of it's positions. Could it be a ground or bad key switch. Sorry for this being off topic, i'm trying to figure out some other bugs while waiting on parts.

  8. So not sure about the power issue, but as far as the distributor goes like Lilcbra said if you're going to keep it a Points and condenser setup you wont need a module, if you want to go with electronic ignition then you will need a module of some sort, I'm not sure if the one for the V6 will work with the V8, but I'm sure someone here can tell you if it will work or not, but like I said the other possibility would be the HEI distributor, I have to give it to GM on that design, the distributor has a built in module and coil so basicly you only need a power wire for it to work, you can get more info on by searching "HEI for Ford 302" but there are other distributor systems you could use as well like MSD or Accel.
  9. Your power issue could be a switch or ground problem. It may also be a wiring harness incompatibility issue. I had problems with that when I put my Cobra together. This may not be applicable to you, but a body harness from one car and an engine harness from another don't always match. The best route is to keep and use one harness from the same car.

    I don't know about the V6-V8 compatibility as far as stock ignition modules, but if you were to go with an MSD, they are a pretty easy process to wire in. An HEI should also be a pretty straight forward wiring process and both would be a better option compared to the points system. Points, as I am sure you are aware, will require periodic maintenance whereas an electronic ignition such as those listed are basically a set it and forget it option. A points system will work well enough for now though, but an electronic system will be a nice upgrade when you get to that point.
  10. Thanks for the info, I will keep the HEI in mind for later. I've just trying to get the basic wiring for the car separate from engine for now. Thanks again!
  11. Hi,
    The frame side mounts are different on a V6. You need both frame mounts and engine mounts from a V8. I found out when I did a V6-V8 conversion 25 years ago.
    Also, the crossmember under the bellhousing has to be notched for the larger bellhousing. Better off with a Mustang II smaller bellhousing. I found this out the hard way also. :)
    Your ignition module and wiring will work. Your V6 alternator is different than the one on a 302, though.
    You have B+ supply on your key switch, and nothing out, no accessory, no ignition (run)?
  12. Also....your Duraspark ignition should be fine. It's an excellent system, IMO. Very durable, easy to work on, easy to get parts.
  13. Thanks! Yeah, I figured out if I keep the passenger side frame mount in it's place and move the drivers side mount back 1 inch then it will straighten up. I replaced the key switch and it I am able to start from inside the car now. Just need to get to the fuse box... Thanks for all the help on this so far!
  14. You have a '73 motor? Easy enough, just use a Duraspark distributor and coil with your existing wiring and ignition module, etc.
    When I did my '77 Cobra V6 to V8, I put in an '84 GT 302 (motor was 5 years old at the time). Don't think I got a distributor with it. Bought a reconditioned distributor for a '77 302. Worked great. I used the same ignition module and wiring from the V6, from what I remember.
    The motor mounts and cross member were the only real issues, so sounds like you'll be running it real soon. Good luck!
  15. Thanks a lot!
  16. how is the project coming along
  17. Good, sorry I forget to do updates... I mean I was building suspense, yeah that's it. Well ever since I posted this question I fixed the problem. They I did that was buy taking the drivers side frame mount and moving the bolts holes approximately 1 inch backward. That seemed to straighten things up real nice. After that changed the trans filter and gasket and now my wheels turn! To bad the are basically junk... Since then progress has slowed. I made a trip and picked up a well needed passenger fender for 25 bucks! Just today I got some more parts, basic stuff like fuel pump, starter relay, etc. Also i'm going to start my "high performance exhaust" tomorrow. High performance as in something other than open manifolds. So before I put the exhaust on I will make a video before and after and do an update of the car. For now i'll post a link to a video I made a while back before winter right after we got the v6 out! Thanks for asking!

  18. Very cool, I just got a set of headers for mine, will likely install this weekend
  19. Nice get a video of it after! Tomorrow I should have the exhaust hooked up. If all goes well I should have some sound clips up!
  20. So I need to say I'm sorry, the project went on hold last year because I needed the oil pan modified, the friend that said he would do it for me drug his feet for a year, I had someone else do it for me, and its now done and hopefully things will get back under way.