Engine Light Won't Go Off

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  1. i have a 3.8 sn95 mustang. the check enginr light came on. i got it diagnosed, it was the camshaft piston sensor. i replaced the camshaft piston sensor, and reset the computer. it stays off untill i shut the car off. when i turn it on again the check engine light comes back on. HELP!
  2. It's the camshaft position sensor. Who did the diagnostics? Since this is an 3.8 l the computer is OBDII compliant. Have someone like Autozone pull the codes and report back. There could be dozens of sensor inputs causing the CEL.
  3. i took it to advanced auto parts they are the ones who pulled the code.
  4. What were the code numbers. Telling us they pulled the codes doesn't shed any light on possible causes.
  5. p0340 is the camshaft position sensor code.
  6. Have you checked the codes after having cleared any old ones? The way I read your post you still see a CEL but you haven't checked to see if it's something else.
  7. Some of those parts stores will not clear codes, but only check them for you. Go clear them
  8. what else do you think it could be ?
  9. i reset the computer several times, the CEL will stay off till i turn the car off. when i start it up againe it comesback on.
  10. How are you clearing the codes? Codes are checked both KOEO and KOER. With literally 100's of events that can cause a CEL one can't possibly guess. That's why one needs the assistance from a scanner/reader.
  11. I disconnected the possitive from the battery, for a few minutes.
  12. Always disconnect the negative first and only the positive if removing the battery. With the negative off it will take about 15 minutes to clear the KAM (Keep Alive Memory).
  13. i did exactlly what you said, and the cel still came back on.
  14. And the only code being read as of today is p0340? If it is the only code check the crank sensor connection to ensure that there isn't a bent or damaged pin.