Engine rebuild kit?

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  1. I would love to swap in a complete turbo engine, but i have been unable to find one around here. I am in central texas with limited junk yards to check for, plus there are so many good ole' boys that have mustangs everywhere. I don't have the money for the ones on ebay. Thanks for all the input. I really appreciate all your time. I enjoy the car, its a mustang drop-top. So it is cool to cruise around in, but I need to get rid of the leaks. My "rear main seal" is leaking, along with several other leaks. What would i need to just to a complete rebuild, without trying to turbo the car?
  2. Get hold of the guy above that had the motor for 100 bucks...it couldn't be more than 250 to ship it to your door. That's 350 for virtually everything you need to drop the whole engine in and go.

    Nope, you don't even use the turbo harness...just modify the stock mustang one.

    Well, you can worry while other people continue to do it with no ill effects ;)

    Nope, Joe Morgan made 700+ with a stock 2.3 crank, word has it a guy just made 962hp with a stock Ranger 2.5 crank...rods will go long before that (normally the 400 range).

    Nope, not quite. They are two different pistons...hyper's are stronger than cast but more prone to failure if you detonate compared to forged.
  3. pistons, exhuast manifold, turbo, turbohead (for ease of conversion), injectors, compuer, VAM, and various other parts will be needed to make your current N/A turbo, oh and you need to tap the oilpan for the return oil.
  4. Stinger, thanks, i am sure there is somewhere that i can look to find out how to modify the existing harness. Do you know where i can get that info?
  5. Haha, that's the third time my site has been posted in here...you ought to click on it ;)
  6. i did, thanks
  7. Hypereutectic is a description of how the material comes out of the casting process.

    Hypoeutectic, eutectic, and hypereutectic are ALL cast aluminum. They just have molecular arrangements of different densities, thus the hyper is strongest.


    as to the rods breaking, I knew something breaks at 400hp but I thought it was the crank... guess I'm mistaken
  8. Agreed...and that makes them two different pistons as I stated (not one in the same as you called stock hypers).
  9. I thought the differences between the three was the percentage of silicone?
  10. ok, so i looked it up... same crank, rods in the turbo as the NA 2.3, just different pistons... ok...now on to rings...any difference there? I always use the best, but are they different for the 2 engines? and i have heard that the gapless work the best on these engines... anybody know???
  11. i would just by a rering kit from northernauto parts if I were you.
  12. I know we've covered this alot in here, but you can theoretically turbo a N/A motor if you rebuild it with forged, low compression pistons? I thought there was a bunch of other stuff that was different between the two, oil squirters?
  13. oil feed lines, water lines if the turbo is watercooled... 91-93 are alittle more difficult.

    by time you have bought all that you need to complete the swap you would have spent less just buying the turbo motor.
  14. if you live in central texas you are right in the middle of svo country, you should check out this site:www.svoca.com these guys will find you a turbo motor and give you all the tech support youll need
  15. I have also found some info on this site, and like the pictures that were posted as well. http://140cilx.stangnet.com/index.html There is tons of info out there good luck in your search.
  16. What about a '91 Ranger, guys? Is the 2.3l Pushrod 2v I4 the same in it as the 2.3 Stangs? Would making an N/A one turbocharged be doable, but take the same? There's room for a 302 in it with some fairly minor modifications, would that be a better bet? I was thinking the '82 or whatever, carb'd H.O. with the roller cam, if throwing boost at it isn't possible. Looking for cheap, cheap, cheap right now, but hoping to be able to continue to mod it and beef it up as time goes on. Also, suggest tranny for both? Has the stock 5 speed manual right now. The motor has 140,000 so it really neesd to be rebuilt either way, I believe. Can you get any performance out of an N/A 2.3 without spending a fortune?
  17. Rangers run the same engine...it's not a pushrod engine though, it's overhead cam.

    There are tons of turbo rangers running around...check rangerpowersports.com
  18. yeah thats true, AND hypereutectic is also denser.

    hypereutectic castings are actually stronger than forgings. BUT they shatter when you wail on them, while forged pistons just elastically deform.
  19. nope just the piston and I THINK a lower compression cylinder head (with the forged piston being same volume and compression height?).

    all 2.3 motors have the same forged rods with oil squirter holes in them, which are really intended for the turbo but are nice to have for the N/A.