Estimated 1/4 time and HP with this

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  1. 1993 ford mustang gt convertible zero miles
    New 308 bored block, 1.72 cran RR's, Competition cams 280, Forged rods and pistons, Hpipe, Flowmasters, K&N intake, Trick Flow Twisted wedge heads, Hooker long tube headers, Centerforce clutch, Metal quadrant, hurst Shifter, New top, HMrgasket engine set, 3:55 gears, Chrome valve covers, Extruded upper and lower intake, TK breather, Lightened pulleys, Alluminum driveshaft, Race Pro Aluminum Radiator, Engine in daytona yellow.

    btw, the total lift on this is 544 with rr's and the 280 cam

    what would be the estimates for hp and for 1/4 with this setup???
  2. can you drive?
  3. yes, i can drive.
  4. Close to low 12's with traction and some driving...maybe around 290-305rwhp... :shrug:

    The vert hurts you though but atleast you look good doing it :nice:
  5. id say with the new top, chrome valve covers, engine in daytona yellow, and aluminum radiator low 10's lol jk, id say low 13 high 12
  6. lol, yah, probably low 13's with traction and decent driving.

    if you want more "educated" guesses you'll need to post a race weight, as well as flow #'s from the ported heads/intake. also what tranny are you running?

  7. any other guesses?
    It will be up and running soon, and will dyno it after the breakin period.
  8. also, i forgot to mention.
    This isnt aroller motor.
    Its a 1980 slider motor.
    The pistons and rings and bearings and all that are new.
    Is this gonna make a big deal?
    I still have a big ass cam and rr's in there/
  9. I know someone knows something about the slider motor.
  10. cmon people...
  11. Low 12's? I ,,,,,dont think so! Being its a vert, low 13's,if you can shed some wieght,maybe high 12's.
  12. Not to be rude here...but read what I put..."close to low 12's..." not low 12's...and you think since its a vert and weighs a 150 more pounds that it automatically puts it at low 13's...that is hilarious...

    My car is run 13.5 and it weighs 3400 lbs with just a few bolton's, 373's, and exhaust...and your saying just because he is a vert (EVEN THOUGH HE HAS HEADS, CAM, INTAKE...ETC) over me that he is only going to be a couple tenths faster than me.... :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Mid 12's if you can drive and got traction...sorry guys had to rephrase it.... :(
  13. i had a 93 lx hatch w/ heads, cam, intake, gears, tb, full exhaust, shifter etc. and it ran low 13's.. this was on street tires but it still was a light car.. there are just way too many things to look at.
  14. Does it being a slider motor make any amount of difference?
    As i understand it the only reason slider's sucked was because they didnt have a big cam ( i do ) or fuel injection (****ty 2v carb on the 80)
  15. anyone??? slider motor info much appreciated.......
  16. UUUHHHHHH BOY,here we go,,a "few" bolt ons? I count "11" thats more then a few,a college boy should know this.--low 13's
  17. What do you count white face guages a bolt-on... :rlaugh: ...the only "real" bolton's there are is MAF, TB, Fan, Pullies, 1.6RR's and CAI (Ricer mod :shrug: ) isn't anything... :notnice:

    So again I say I had a few (which means 3 or more) bolt-ons, exhaust, 373's and got a 13.5...

    Maybe with you driving a low 13 but if he knows how to drive I think he would be dang close to a second quicker than me (mid 12) with driver and to mike keirstand about that one...the original poster has heads, cam, bigger RR's, Intake over me...and a couple more things...and you think he is only going to get a couple tenths faster than my time without that....that is laughable...

    Take to PM's if you want to continue...but it is simple fact...just because it's a vert doesn't mean it is low 13's...if that was in a coupe it could very well get a low 12 but in your mind since it is a vert that automatically adds a second :nonono: ...since it weighs 150-200 pounds more...

    I figured a 37 yr old would know that ;)
  18. WWWAAAAAAAAA!!! Dont get your panties in a bunch! 65mmtb-maf-cai-electric fan-roller rockers-373's-pullies-smog delete-sub frames-springs-13*timing,,ok I cant count the 3g. count em up college boy!! You think Keirstead's gonna side with you? He thinks your an @sshole too :p
  19. I swear your cracking me up...I'm getting flashbacks... :rlaugh:

    The following are known as "free mods" - 13*timing, smog delete but to you their

    The following aren't even a bolt-on...(I guess they are to you) - subframes and springs...373's...thats not a bolt-on... :rlaugh:

    I never said Keirstand would side with me...I was pointing out the driver-traction catch on quick... :banana:

    The problem with your post is that you bench race to go with what every one says and not what you have witnessed or've been to the track what??? twice...and your times show car was automatic before and I got a 13.9 minus the pullies...and it had 135,000 miles on it... :D And that was with no torque convertor...sounds like you got a handle on your car... :rlaugh:

    Quit bench racing and oh yeah take it to the PM's...

    "College boy" and proud of it :flag: