Engine explorer intake

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  1. I have a 94 gt convertable. I just bought the car a week ago.
    Mods that I can see so far....
    exhaust from the headers back. (no cat)
    Aftermarket throttlebody
    K&N filter on the factory intake
    MSD box on mounted on the firewall and distributer
    underdrive pullies
    Nitrious dry kit (150shot set up on it-- I won't be using it though)
    Auto... I think 410 gears.

    It has the stock intake for sure so I figured that the explorer intake was an easy swap. What year is the easiest to use. Is one of them just a bolt on and I wont have to do anything??? I know i will have to buy an elbow.
  2. Honestly, this question gets asked so much it's more efficient to google the answer and compare the multiple results on which intake.

    I believe it's not entirely direct bolt on because of the EGR being internal or external. can't remember the years, but I read about the EGR deal thing not too long ago, the answer is for sure out there and isn't far either.

    Same if you go with gt40(p) heads, they're is a ton of information. You could probably click back and find information about those items in the last 4 or 5 pages.
  3. For some reason the year 97' comes to mind. I think they went to the external EGR on the 97' and up Explorer, but I'm not positive on that. Either one will work on an SN. If you get an internal EGR model, the exhaust port will just be blocked.

  4. In a perfect world you would use the later Explorer stuff. (97.5-up)
    It is set up for external EGR.
    The other stuff will work too, as noted by others, but leave that stuff for the Fox guys. ;)

    If your intake, upper and lower, don't have the internal EGR ports, then you will keep the excess heat out of the top of the engine. It might not hurt much, but why have it in there at all if it is doing nothing whatsoever...