factory lightweight?

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  1. Has Ford ever built a factory lightweight Mustang? Could be a cool and fairly inexpensive limited edition model with a slight bump in HP and a few suspension tweaks but mostly stuff like a lighter interior with no AC, no rear seat, lighter front seats, less soundproofing, light weight hood, etc. I read in Grassroots Motorsports how they removed something like 700-800 pounds from a 5.0 Mustang. I'm sure you couldn't sell a car new with a lot of the stuff they removed to do that, but it would be cool to see what the factory could do and still have a legal and affordable car.
  2. Sounds like a 2005,06 Cobra R to me.
  3. Sounds to me like thats a good idea for a 4.6 LX... :shrug:

    Less sound deadening material, lighter rims/tires, less interior amenities(a/c, stereo delete), aluminum hood, no fogs, no wing, optional rear seat delete...but with everything that makes up a GT. Like the 3V 4.6 and a 5-speed manual. Maybe even some lower rear end gears? 3.73's?

    I bet hardcore drag racing enthusiasts would buy them up. Man this is getting me excited!
    Now if only I had 30 grand+ laying around for an o5' (gotta have mods too)... :bang:
  4. Sounds like any of Ford's Cobra Rs. 1995 & 2000 so far. & the next will likely have a V10 w/ 432 HP @ the whells w/ 403 lb/ft of torque there to w/ other intersts.
  5. the sn95 GTS had no power windows or locks, no spoiler, no foglights and cloth only seats.
  6. Wasn't there a 1968 Mustang, 428 CobraJet Drag Pack option that included weight reductions?
  7. Yes, 1965-68 were light. My 65 weighed 2500 lbs with the 6 cylinder. It's now about 2800 lbs with the 302.

    I think the major thing that makes the mustangs so heavy now is, the engine is large and heavy, electronics are heavy, and metal body panels. If they went to fiberglass or something it would be really light.
    The vette weighs about 3200 lbs doesn't it?
  8. The engine is not that heavy,
    5.0 V8 - 450 lb
    4.6L SOHC 2V iron block = 530 lb
    4.6L SOHC 3V aluminum block =~ 460 lb

    What has brought the weight up is:
    front impact standards
    rear impact standards
    power seat
    power windows
    bigger wheels
    bigger tires
    bigger brakes
    crash beams in doors
    side impact protection standards
    Air bags
    power rear view mirrors
    sub-woofer amplifier
    gas vapor recovery system
    catalytic converters

    I may sound like a bunch of little crap, but it all adds up in a hurry.
  9. I think Porsche makes a factory lightweight version of the 911 (non-turbo) but maybe they don't sell it in the US. There were factory lightweight Mopars in the 60s (aluminum front ends and fenders, etc.). I bet Ford could dump 2-300 pounds easy and 500 if they were creative and still be legal. Just an idea. What did they do to the 1995 & 2000 Cobra Rs to make 'em lighter?
  10. 1961-62, 1200lbs Mustang prototype :p
  11. All the new federal crash standards that these new cars must meet are increasing the weight quite a bit. Even traditionally lightweight cars like sport compacts are getting a bit heavier. I'd love to see a mostly fiberglass body for a sub-3000lb Cobra R model with a nicely tweaked 600hp V10. Viper what? ZL1 who?

    Given Ford's desire to move SVT massively upscale, I wouldn't be surprised to see SVT get the green light for a Mustang-derived supercar to replace the Ford GT in a few years. Might want to give it a new name, though, as it would be so radically different that "Cobra R" just wouldn't be appropriate anymore.
  12. It does sound like an "R."

    In the muscle car era of the 60's/early 70's, many (probably more than you think) cars were for racing. They came from the dealership, w/ No A/C, no radio, no console, etc, etc, etc. But had high performance 454's, 440's, 429's, etc, w/ 4 speeds, and 3.90 to 4.11 rear ends. STOCK! Factory-Built Drag cars in disguise.

    Some Examples: RoadRunners, GTX's, Mach's/Bosses, Cutlasses (442s), Torinos/Fairlanes, Chevelles, GTO's, Buick GS's and GSX, the list goes on.
  13. Any idea what the 2005 is gonna weigh? Every body style change keeps getting heavier... the 65-66 Mustangs are lighter than 67's, the 67-68's were lighter than 69's ... now the "big boat" 71-73's are lighter than current Mustangs!

    The factory lightweights would have started with the 65 AFX cars, then the 66 AFX long nose cars then the 68 "Winternationals" CJ's. None were exactly mass produced until the Cobra R's came along.
  14. don't forget the factory-prepped '67 trans-am mustangs for Titus and the boys :D
  15. Sorry, but those were not "factory prepped" they were Shelby prepped. Trans-Am cars in 1967 were prepped by Shelby or their prospective team. Ford had little to do with it besides not building the cars all of the way. No drive train, no interior, basically the teams were given rolling chassis and told to stick to the rules set forth by SCCA.
  16. Are you thinking of the GT3? RWD instead of AWD to save weight, among other things.
  17. Lots of copper wire
    In the Cobra the IRS
    fat people riding in the car
  18. :bs:

    Fat people can't fit in Stangs. Or if they can, they don't like to, and avoid it as much as possible.
  19. Let me remind everyone here that just because you are not over weight in any way does not mean that someone else may not be. Let's try to take everyones feelings into consideration.
  20. I'm "big boned" (kinda) and I can fit in my stang :)