Roush Factory Mustang Rims for 1989 Saleen?

89 Saleen#455

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Dec 29, 1999
New England
Does anyone know what factory Mustang/Cobra rims will fit on an 1989 Saleen? I love my stock Saleen Rims, but I would like to put them away and replace them with some type of stock Mustang rim for weekend driving. I really like the look and appearance of the 1997 Cobra Rims. I'm not sure if the offset will work with my stock 4 wheel disk brake set-up. I seem to recall someone saying that dust cap on the rim will not clear the front rotors. If that's the case, is there any stock size Mustang rim the will clear the rotors? I really not that picky on the rim size. 16" or 17" would be fine. Also, are there any aftermaket brake kits (rotors and calipers) that can be used with the stock brackets, brake lines, axles, etc.? Just looking for better braking performace without any "major" modifications to the factory set-up. Any input and feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Rich
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Jan 2, 2005
i have 99 cobra wheels on now. But I have 94 spindles. I think all the cobra rims will work(94-01) As far as brakes go , you can go with brembo or baer kits. They should have what you are looking for.


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Aug 8, 2003
Do not mix cobra rims on a real saleen, that is as gay as it gets. IMO it's a sin.
Kinda of like wearing a Giants jersey and a Cowboys hat.

Find anothe saleen style rim. You can even use saleen 18 inch replicas with saleen center caps.

I have a set of 1990 16 inch saleen 5 spokes ARE's that i'm thinking of unloading in exchange for some drag rims.
Pm me if interested, i'd rather them go to a real saleen owner.
Although i haven't truely decided to rid of them, even though they don't fit on my new brakes.