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  1. If anyone wants to join the Yahoo! league, it's free, here is the information:
    League ID: 449909
    League Name: Stangers
    League Password:Stang
    Anyone can sign up. Just go to www.yahoo.com and then "sports" then "fantasy" then "Free Fantasy Football" and then join league. Up to 12 people can get in. We will have the draft on August 29th in a chatroom. Order for draft pics will be in the order of the sign up. The draft day is on a Sunday, so everyone should make it. Hopefully this all works out. If you joined, please provide your e mail in this response. Since we're gonna be doing this in a chatroom, I hope whoever signs up has AOL or AOL instant messenger. If not, please Download it. I will e mail everyone the 29th early in the morning for the draft time.
    I think this is the easiest way to do it. If anyone has a better way, just say so.