FINALLY!!!! 2000 posts

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  1. Where'a that banana icon?????:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

    Probably closer to 2500 with all the posts in talk!
  2. Don't forget the couple hundred you probably lost in the crash!
  3. I think I'm over 3000 . . .

    EDIT: Yup. But a lot of that was before the talk forum and we did a bunch of hijacking in the regular forum so it all counted.

  4. I always knew you had it in you, y'ole post ho, you!:nice:
  5. BBFCM, I still think you're the king of posts....

    How many have you not had added to your tally over here in the Talk section?
  6. You've got the second lowest in this thread; better get out of the talk section and get to work.:D What's up with the referrals when you click on your name? I seem to remember something about a rating system.:shrug:
  7. Yes, but will you ever cach up to SuperDave or the GBM?
  8. Bet I can get you -unofficially, mind you- to 3500 (and my FUZZY friend unofficially to 5000) just by uttering two little words ;)

    Wabbit Season :rlaugh:
  9. I'm not at liberty to say.........

    duck (ala orang') season
  10. It's Easter. So....

    ...wabbit season. Period.
  11. those are fowl EGGS in his itty bitty wittle basket. Therefore.....

    duck season. EXCLAMATION POINT!
  12. gerbil season
  13. Coyote Season!!!

    Speaking of which, where's that wily :p Cheap-Meister????? :scratch:
  14. Squirrel Season!

    Right here!
  15. Goose season!
  16. Looks like a vulture leg to me.............duh, which way did he go.......
  17. Moose Season!

    Guess this means [Boris Voice]"Big Trdouble fordr moose und squirrdel"[/Boris voice]
  18. You don't want to see my pictures for deer season.....Or do you? (Hint: It involves another airplane. They don't hit just birds!)
  19. Ummmm.........there haven't been found shreds of red velvet or white cotton tails, have there?

    chipmunk season.[​IMG]

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