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  1. Well, there is lots of red.....

    It involved one of our air ambulances up here. King Air vs. Bambi if you will....
  2. Here's the plane. I will spare you the deer photo...

    ......Armadillo season.
  3. :worthlesb
  4. Um...look up to post 22...
  5. Looks like an awfully expensive way to make venison sausage :rolleyes:

    Hedgehog season [​IMG]
  6. At least it was pre-sliced........

    Boris season
  7. Oh it was sliced all right! Right clean in half! The picture of the deer is a good reminder not to walk near the business end of the plane!

    View attachment 474765

    Dog season!
  8. sorry......don't know how I coulda missed THAT paint job! Guess it was burger-time for Bambi..........
  9. Some nice Katrate action in this one!:lol:

    MUSTANG season, 24 - 7 - 365 !!!:nice:
  10. We-elll..... so whip out the compleat story! :D
    Can't be any worse than the "wolves -vs- 30mm chain gun" video from an Air Force weenie I know. :puke:

    EDIT: almost forgot.... Rattlesnake season!!!!
    Somebody (must have been a newbie or a hopeless greenhorn) was out traipsing around the Gila Mountains east of town yesterday; and found out that the wriggly critters are kinda cranky when they finally come out of hibernation. :eek: :rolleyes:
  11. Ya! Well who Isn't!!!:fuss:
  12. Natasha season!

    (and I'm cranky in the morning!)

  13. Well okay, but don't say I didn't warn you! Air Ambulance was on its take off roll out of an interior town here in British Columbia (I think it was Prince George) when a deer crossed in front of it. That's pretty much the story as it goes in the flying circle up here.

    .....burrowing owl season!
  14. Front & Back half deer season
  15. Homer says, "Doe!"
  16. Yup, fresh venison sausage :nice: (The hair just adds protein) :p

    So, um, what was the "dressed out" weight? :scratch:
  17. Before or after planes scrapings?:scratch:
  18. Looks like a surgical cut.

    Hippo Hurricane Holler season
  19. Sorry Katrina, you're a little late!:nonono:
  20. OK, let's try.......

    Quick Draw McGraw Season.....