FINALLY! going to have my 5 lug swap right!


the guy doing it does every local racers rear end
10 Year Member
Jul 3, 2009
finally found a set of axles for the LX!

amazing how hard it is to find axles cheap when you need them.

anyway my old set up was a lincoln markvii rear disk to disk brake lines and all. when i pulled my rear to weld the torque boxes i noticed how much of a hack job the guy who installed it before i owned it did. so... i stripped it down to a bare housing. had the rear freshened up with new bearings and seals. ordered all new stainless lines for a v8 fox from prop valve back. bill from CJ's found me a brake hose bracket for a v8 car. installed a new hose for a v8 car then got new caliper hoses for an SVO (cost a damn fortune when i was able to find them)

went to the scrap yard and pulled 2 93+ ranger axles. and im not really sure why i had 93+ stuck in my head. but anyway went back and broke 2 cross pin bolts. so i effed myself on getting the pre 93 axles.

bought a house so i havent had much time to mess with the car. and just now found a set of ranger axles for 100 shipped from the shop i do online tech for!

might actually get to drive it in a month or so!

so my winter project was
UPR pro adjustable lowers
UPR radius arm uppers
4cyl springs
upr torque box kit
lakewood 50/50's
welded torque boxes
new brake lines/ hoses
new seals and bearings
flipped SVO/lincoln brakes
t rex pump
new clutch should be here soon
nitrous kit should be here any day now...

cant wait to run her!
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the guy doing it does every local racers rear end
10 Year Member
Jul 3, 2009
16" waffle wheels still... hopefully pick up some welds this year some time. need to start on my next rear here soon

9" ends
and im going to start looking at ways to make some better bracing set ups
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