finally pics of new wheels on car DUW

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  1. drumroll please.....
    :banana: :banana: :banana:

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  2. damn dude!!! looks killer :nice:
  3. That's Insane! Perfect...
  4. Nice!! I'll see ya at the tcstangs BBQ?

  5. those rims are mint.

    just slam that puppy & you are rockin'!
  6. those are nice. Are they 17s?
  7. yep i'll be there
  8. 18x9 18x10
  9. hell yeah now just lower that thing and never do another exterior mod
  10. that is the plan. except for purple flames
  11. :scratch:

    purple flames eh?


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  12. I'm a huge vikings fan(just got home from their draft party)so i am going to do purple flames and purple MUSTANG GT on the rear bumper.

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  13. I definitely need to see it before i can base an opinion
    interesting concept for sure.
    definitely gotta see it though.

    when do you expect to have that done?
  14. i want those rims so bad, but in 17's cause im not paying tire prices for 18" wheels........they look absolutely killer tho.....amazing man :shrug: what size tires???
  15. 265/35 fronts 295/35 rears
  16. I HOPE you are joking about the purple stuff.....purple+yellow=not manly
  17. i was hoping you could help me with that since i can't figur out PS to save my life. i wanna do it this summer some time(before the season starts)