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  1. Hey all,
    Could someone please check my home page to see if there are any grammar errors or faulty links?


    My FourBanger Site
  2. I havent even had a chance to look at it yet, but YOU ROCK! (oh yeah, and "its about time") ;)
  3. OMG! That was the fastest reply EVER!!!
  4. man no pics or anything about the volvo...i retract all previous statements :mad: :nonono: :notnice:

  5. aaaahhh fooie!

  6. I wish my bottom end was still fresh from the junk yard. I've having it rebuilt so in essence its still the stock bottom end ;o) . Took my crank out to replace the main bearing's , basicly all the bottom end bearings. Anyways turns out my crank needs to be polished/turned to get it smooth again,*sigh* good thing i wasnt in a hurry ;o) you forgot to add your list..." Turbo....stock for a v8 diesel truck!" ;)

    PS: if you could get stinger to let you "test" one of his prototype headers, it bet your 1/4 mile e.ts would drop like crazy, turbo spooling that much faster reduces any lag 4banger may have getting that 747 turbine of a turbo going , just a thought

  7. :lol:
  8. Stingers got a header???

    Will it fit a holset hx35?
  9. Yes stinger has a header. You got banned from turboford ((Which I think is retarded anyways)) And it gets spoken of there.. Can you not post, or not visit the site at all ??? Anyways, the videos, small imperfection, not really anything major, but when you right click you say ""right click", then "save as" please" when should really be "Save Target As" I know it's nothing but I'm not a perfectionist, and people who know nothing about computers who visit your site may not interpret that correctly. Thats all I got, I love the videos

    And the video where you broke the follower. It goes to about 50% and starts over, Tried a couple times...
  10. Ok, I'll look there.
    No I'm not banned from turboford. I posted there when Chris sold the board in that thread.
    I was only banned for a day.
    I told him I'd take a 6 month break from posting to let things die down. Now I feel that I really have nothing to tell them over there.

    I'm looking at making a new header myself for the volvo head.
  11. Really? I can't get that to happen. Anyone else have that prob with that vid?
  12. I do believe it will fit...I got some measurements from a Holset owner to make sure it would fit. I don't have one to "try out" though. They should be ready to ship in 4-5 weeks. Let me know if you're on my site.

  13. LoL mike you got banned on turboford? for what? hehe...i just registerd an account there, though i been on stangnet for about 3 or 4 months now.Hope they dont ban me on my first post...."Why was mike banned???" hehe;)
  14. :nice: That's some good stuff! I like the "stock list", makes me laugh - a lot of people going slower, but spending more, will not enjoy reading that. I know I'm guilty. I think of the receipts in my file and do this: :rlaugh:

    Still a great site to read through!
  15. not to go off topic and talk bull here. But that thing sounds wicked, and looks tons fast. I plan to run 20 psi intercooled boost with T3 on bobs log in my turboranger swap, now my question is, I know you have a huge turbo, but you were running 21 PSI, now will your 21 psi be the same as my 21 psi, in short will my truck rip like your car does ?? Mods are in signature... Now only waiting on a head, which will be only lightly ported. I am shooting for high 13's on a lil race gas and some slicks my buddy has.... Rearend and fuel pump is going in in two weeks, tranny and motor swap are getting done as soon as I get a head prepared and bolted to the motor.... The whole swap is hinging on me finding a head now...
  16. No...
  17. Oh well. Gotta be better than what it is now. I should be over 200 hp at least, T3 intercooled with the boost up should put me over 200.... But enough of my bantering, i'm off to bed, I've got one last final tomorrow before I am done with school for 5 months :hail2: (taking a semester off)
  18. It's all about airflow. 21 psi for Mike is a lot more air at 21 psi than it is for you.

  19. partner in crime of hijacking thread.... Is there any production turbo (aka not froma turbo shop) that compares to an hx35? id love to run the HX ...pretty cheap and easy to find, all im not looking forward to is the lag time. And how much more differnce is there between 20psi on a holset vr a stock garret? i mean i can the pumping abilites weigh heavy on the hx at WOT but a constant 20psi is 20 psi ...or atleast thats my thoughts. Im not an exspert, just trying to understand how 20 vrs 20 is not close to being the same.
    I'd think that the t3 would spool faster , boost sooner, but be a little more sloppy with heat exchange, but a good intercooler and cool engine would even that up.

    The hx35 has a little more lag time before boost, and yes it would be very effienct @20 psi, thats like cake work for it....but what is the point of having a turbo that can pump 30psi into your motor (halfway effeicnt) if your motor wont take it? Im not trying too rip on the idea, just trying to convincemyself that the t3 will satisfy me for a little while ;)
  20. The hx35 IS a production turbo...why would you want another one that "compares" to it :scratch: The HY35 from the automatic Cummins Dodge's will spool a bit faster. The bigger the power potential/physical size of the turbo the more lag there is. Get used to that fact, there is no way around it. How often do people honestly try to "race" at 3 grand anyway? :shrug:

    The difference at 20psi between the two has more to do with the lack of restriction on the exhaust side than it does anything else. The HX is more efficient though which could account for 15hp maybe.

    You WILL be more happy with the T3 until it becomes the limiting factor at around 300hp. If you put an HX35 on a stock 2.3T and run it against the same motor with a T3...both at say 18psi the T3 will be better in almost every instance. This get's less and less true as the 2.3 is modded more and more.

    Randy was running mid 12's with a will flow some air if you force it to do so...