Finished both my intakes tonight finally. Check out some pics....

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  1. Knifed lower [​IMG]

    Gutted Upper [​IMG]

    Painted Upper [​IMG]

    Ported the lower a little bit as well, not much, but opened a little bit [​IMG]
  2. ah man Slimmer strikes again! ;) hey on the lower intake u may wanna run a softpad grinder over that slipp up kut on the left runner (bottom pic). Depending on how deep it is...its nice to start a gasket on a flat surface ;o) looks good...though i would polish the insides more if time provided... :nice:
  3. i question the color choice, but otherwise it looks good.

  4. Yeah I know, the skimmer is hardly on there, it actually is just a mark in the dirt thats on there, I can run my fingernail across it and not feel it... I didnt tighten it down enough and it slipped in the vice...

    The bottom one was the carbide bit, the top one was the chuck from the die grinder as I reached up to catch it...

  5. ya, only reason i noticed it is cuz i have done it a few times worries easily cleaned up, and not to serious...looking good though :nice: