Firewall Adjusters

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Recommend which Firewall Adjuster??

  1. Steeda

  2. BBK

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  3. Other

  1. Regarding the Firewall Adjuster, do you recommend the Steeda, BBK or Other??
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  2. I have one from UPR. It was simple to install and works just fine.

    Item number #3004-17.
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  3. Fiore hasn't been in business in years. It's a shame. Their adjusters were the absolute best. I still have their billet quadrant if someone is interested in it.
  4. I'm gonna drop by mustangunlimited because it's right beside where i live. I'm gonna see what they have in stock, so i needed some product reviews.
  5. i had a stack racing i believe i got it from CJponyparts. it has the ball detent like the other ones. i do not like the jam nut design that was popular for so many years
  6. Fiore gave the go ahead for lethal performance to make them..u can still buy them from

    Btw it was upr ripping off his design that put him under
  7. Nice to know there is a source for them.
    At $95 for quadrant and adjuster, that may be out of the OP's price range.
  8. So went by the parts store and picked up the Steeda one, it's pretty nice and has an easy self locking screw. The instructions in the box are terrible though. I also purchased the frpp adjustable cable, which is what i had for 8yrs. So am i gonna have to mod this frpp cable to install this sweet ass adjuster?? How do i perform this, anyone got pics cause I'm not sure what to do?? BTW i already have the Ford Racing single hook quadrant installed from before.
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  9. Here's a pic of the cable.

  10. I know i've got to get to the underlying white piece but whats the easy way to do it?? Just grind off the little flanges and slide it off??
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  11. Pull the rubber part off and cut the three tabs flat with a razor
  12. Alright, will do thnx.
  13. So i was able to keep twisting on it and it slide over the tabs and then shaved the 4 flanges on cable like you said. I'll post pics as i go to help anyone else out. This is my first time installing this, so I'm trying to be very careful.

  14. Looking good..the nubs gotta be completely gone..flat
  15. Yes i got them real smooth and the FWA slides right on real smooth as well. Gonna put this on tomorrow but she's ready. Here's a pic showing all the parts. For any newbee like me, the copper sleeve is not needed in this application with shaved tabs.

  16. I have the same setup as you do. There was some rework to be done to the quadrant end of the cable where it fit the Steeda adjuster. Mine works very nicely, and yours should too.
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  17. Did you put any oil in the cable or just let the teflon coating do it's thing??
  18. Oil traps grit...ruins cable