Fix your Slow dropping/hanging RPMs

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by magnum347, May 1, 2005.

  1. I thought it was opposite: small hole would be a low idle, bigger normal idle, and a leak would cause high idle. Maybe I just need to make the hole in my plate bigger. Would the small hole possibly have triggered my dash light?
  2. Okay, got the IAC restrictor plate, and everyone is giving conflicting info. I have 2002 GT 2v.... I'm attaching a picture, looks to me that the small hole in the plate should go on the drivers side correct??? The Bullit guys are saying passenger side, I'm confused.:shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:

    Seems to me looking at our TB/Plenum that the restricted port(small hole) should cover the IAC port?? Seems to be the only obivious way to put it on.

  3. Has anyone been able to find a shop that would just adjust the dashpot settings on the computer? I would order a programmer but my car is stock accept for catback, so I can't justify $400 just to fix the rpm hang the right way. The copper pipe gets annoying from time to time when the engine is cold and also when the a/c is on. Anyone been able to find an alternative way to change the dashpot settings without buying a programmer?
  4. okay one more time,

    small hole on the drivers side on a 02GT right?? Is this correct?? seems to make sense


  5. Alternative, no. But the programmer will do it. I put the stock tune on yesterday for comparison, and the stock tune has idle hang. Predator tune does not
  6. i have no idea how old this thread is.. but the guy on pg 6. who was trying to figure out what side the small hole goes on.. what side does the small hole go on? i wana know too now that i just ordered one from 34 ford tonight after gettin pissed by hanging idle today and researching it. on his pic it seems that it would be obvious that its the drivers side?? is that right?? i hope this works as many have said it does, i had a guy adjust my dashpot but that was a diff tuner when i didnt have cams, the new tuner did not adjust the dashpot delay so ive been dealing with this crap for a few months now and ive had enough!
  7. You can see in the above picture, that one side goes nowhere in the TB itself. The side with the actual hole in the TB is the side that you put the smaller hole of the gasket on.
  8. Part # for the gasket is Ford #E83Z.9F671.A.
  9. Does anyone know if I can still get one of these from anybody?
  10. Me too. The one I made cause my CE light to eventually come on, then was okay after I removed it and reset it. Since then I've changed my intake setup and added a Prochamber. Would love to hear that gurgle echoing through the Prochamber.

  11. I made one of these things and it didn't do anything... I seriously noticed no difference what-so-ever ...
  12. Do you still make the IAC plates? My 01 gt with bullitt intake just started hanging rpms.
  13. should i do this on my 2004 gt? all stock setup. also just replaced upper intake manifold and car is a little shaky at idle and exhaust is kinda bubbly sounding anybody have any ideas on cause of this?. sorry two part question