Fix your Slow dropping/hanging RPMs

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by magnum347, May 1, 2005.

  1. My pcm seems to be learning; this weekend the idle w/the a/c on was up around 1300. I cranked the clamp down a bit more & will see if the rpm's creep back up again over the next week.
  2. This is exaclty what I've been searching for as I think it'll help w/ my grinding shifts. If I wait a second for the RPM's to drop before shifting its smooth.

    I'm sure I have bigger problems that may have to do w/ the clutch or tranny, but I'm confident this thing will help and am ordering 1 from ebay right now.
  3. is this safe for a novi 2000 supercharged gt?
  4. This is the same thing I have been having issues with on my son's 04 3.8LV6. Will it work on his V6? I have not issues with my 04 GT!!!!
  5. Will this work on a 01 cobra...?
  6. I've had mine on for quite some time and love it. Quick and cheap mod.

  7. My experience.....on my last built shortblock I had an iac delete. With my stroker the tuner requested I keep it. Like many others with cams, I was experiencing my car stalling. With this part my car no longer dies. It also sounds ten times better. The only down side I have noticed is that it idles about 200rpms higher which can easily be fixed with a tune. Definately one of the best purchases I have made:nice:
  8. Can I still buy one of these from Magnum?
  9. I just put one in on my 99 Cobra and I LOVE IT! I was just wondering though if restricting the air hurt horsepower?
  10. I think I emailed magnum. I'm interested in buying one of these also.

    He didn't respond though.
  11. Go back through this thread and find the pic of it. I made one out of an old beer can because I also got no response. It works perfect!! Sounds mean as hell on deceleration and I like to rev it now because it pops and cracks on the way back down. Very easy to do, just try it, hell who doesn't have an old can to tear up?
  12. No doubt about it, this mod was definitely worth the money...all thirty-nine cents of it! I bought a brass cold water cap at home depot, drilled a 3/16 hole in it and dropped it in. This thing sounds mean on deceleration and the rpms don't justs hang there for thirty minutes like it used to.
  13. i just bought one for my stang. i already have an aluminum flywheel. will this be a problem???
  14. I wouldn' think so. Your idle will probably drop even faster since the lighter flywheel will have less inertia.
  15. I haven't gone out to actually look at it on my car cause it got dark and cold, but Ill be out there first thing in the morning to make one myself. Im assuming the 2 small outer holes are the mounting points but have no clue as to what the other 2 holes in the middle are for. As it shows on the picture on page 1, which hole would be the 9/32'' hole? and would the hole that isnt 9/32'' stay the same size?
  16. I just made one of thouse out of a chek peach soda can, and it does assist in down shifting. The whole process took about 25 minutes and I'm happy with it. It really garbles on the down shifts now, especially from high revs as noted.

    I parked in my drive and poped the hood and i heard a strange noise that sounded like an air release though.. who knows. I'm sure its nothing to do with what I did. It sounded like it was coming from my intake though. heh
  17. Ive tried the plate and copper cap. Didnt notice any difference. And the copper cap mod is cheaper and easier. My buddy just picked up a 06 GT and is pissed he cant do this mod. The electronic throttle control has it built in.
  18. I just made one and the only difference I saw was the rpm's do go dowm slightly faster, not much of a difference in sound though which is what I really wanted. Im gonna order one from mag if he ever gets back to me because mine isnt what you you wold call professional...
  19. im on my 2nd iac and when i start the car it revs to 2000rpm! dident do that before. sometimes when i stop at a light the rpm's go down to 300-400 and after a few seconds go back to normal. this only hapens sometimes. i would realy like to try this mod but im afraid it would just stall the motor?? :shrug:
  20. If your RPM's drop too fast and/or motor dies try drilling a bigger hole. This stuff isnt a science, and different mods to your car can affect what size hole you would need.