Fix your Slow dropping/hanging RPMs

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by magnum347, May 1, 2005.

  1. ok, gotta ask...

    ok I gotta ask... what happens if you make the hole TOO small, smaller than the new suggested size?

    my biggest complaint, is that even though my car is deafening at WOT, it's very mellow at idle, I want a more powerful idle, like an older car with flows would have.

    any ideas?
  2. If you go smaller than 9/32" your engine might shut off at idle when Max A/C is on. If this or something similar occurs, enlarge the 9/32" hole to 5/16" until it's acceptable for you.
  3. Alright.. about to install mine.

    Big or small hole to the driver side?
  4. ok, i just now read this thread and i think i want to try this as well. Magnum347 where do i send the $$$ to? 7.50 ?
  5. You have anymore of these. I think I'll give it a try. Thanks.
  6. For $7.50 I wouldn't mind trying it either. :shrug:
  7. Someone take pics of the entire process :)

    Or Jim, i'll just help and watch you do it. :lol:
  8. I just put mine on yesterday. I can notice a different, and im sure a standard will notice even more of a difference.

    PM me and i'll give you Magnums address.


    BTW- Takes about 5 mins to put on.
  9. Also, The smaller hole goes to the driver side for the 2vs.
  10. PATENT PENDING you bastids!

    I'm gonna sue unless you send me each $1 for using my idea...

    j/k Enjoy it, any questions just PM me...(this is Mach1Canuck BTW)
  11. Lol, Do you really have a patent pending? ;)

    Install was a breeze. :nice:
  12. Hell yeah I do...
    I accept paypal, send me my money now.
  13. I took mine out for a few days and almost had to re-learn how to shift. It made no difference in idle sometimes dropping too low with the A/C on, so it's back in and all is well. Setting the neutral idle to 800 rpm with a Predator fixed the excessive drop when the A/C is on.
  14. That's like putting a patent on bumper inserts. If you do it, someone can always just magically get the idea, then make it. Not really going to work out.
  15. Can anyone post a before and after video of this while driving?
  16. I made one and put it in and at Idle it sounds like sucking air through a straw, but as soon as I give it a bit of gas, it goes away. I guess the smaller hole is the one to blame for that. And the hole is 9/32", I think thats what I made it. But other than that it works as advertised. Im still thinking of buying one so I can compare.
  17. no sales in the forums!

  18. Where can I order one?