Flashing check engine light

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  1. Occasionally while on the highway my check engine light will flash on and off. I haven't found any pattern or any certain condition that causes it (like going up hill).

    I installed a new O2 sensor, but that didn't solve the problem. I'm also averaging about 20mpg. :notnice:

    Ran the codes the other day and I'm pretty sure it came out with something about the PIP sensor and the thermactor.

    Any ideas?
  2. If it's flickering on and off, it might either be teetering along the edge of pass and fail in terms of the parameters for the light to come on, or there is a lose wire that causes intermittent signals (hence the flickering). Check your connections to the sensors in question from the code pull, and repair/replace as necessary.
  3. ya, ive been getting that check engine light syndrome aswell.....i just like to think of it as a shift light, after all its so close to the tach :D
  4. well crap i didn't completly read your message, time to break out the voltmeter and start testing sensors
  5. Shift light, LOL.

    Sounds good guys. Since no one knows a certain problem that causes this, I will check the car out over Thanksgiving. :nice:
  6. .....sometimes moisture etc. can screw with it. It doesn't always warn of an actual bona-fide problem (hence the term "idiot light).

    Cheap fix - remove bulb and sell at parts meet.

    BTW, If it was a "smart" light it would know that you already checked the engine. DUH. :D

  7. so how much does this usualy fetch these days, i mean these things have got to be colectors items by now!
  8. ...depends on if it's the blinking kind or the steady on one and if there's a couple ricers at the meet to bid against each other.

  9. How do you go about testing your sensors? I get a check engine light randomly as im driving down the highway from work...

    I've ran codes many times and only brought up idle problems..

    I get an average of 16.5 MPG..sad sad sad. car also smells like its running REAL rich sometimes...

    Now that would lead to a bad o2 Sensor right? then why didnet the scaner bring that up? I also tryed unpluging the o2 sensor and drove the car and it dident change a thing.

  10. Exact same problem that I'm having. I changed the o2 sensor and that didn't do a ****ing thing for my milage or the light. If you figure it out, let me know. I'll take a good hard look at the car this weekend to see if I can figure anything out.
  11. id check all the senors under and connected to the lower intake, aswell as the vaccum lines(which tend to be brittle and break). I just cleand under my intake (had the car on the lift, so i figured id clean it a little), unplugged them all ,cleaned of windblown oil and residue, and reconnected them. So far no check engine light, but that my just be a strand of good luck im having...i hit 3 green lights in a row today!
  12. just run a KOEO test and it will get readings from all teh sensors and tell you which ones are faulty with a code...
  13. I got 24.6 mpg on a 256 mile trip tonight. That's after a new set of plugs and wires. Nothing to write home about, but that's the best I've gotten so far. A little more tuning and maybe I'll get it 25+!!

    I still am getting the check engine light, it usually comes on as I'm cresting a hill or as I am going down one.
  14. don't know whats up with my engine light, but it will go out if I rev the engine to somewhere around 3500, but for the most part it stays on all the time now, before that it use to go off and on when I rev'ed the motor but now its just on up till 3500.

    anyways guess I will be checking all my sensors.
    if anyone has a clue to what could be wrong I'd be so happy.

    besides that the car runs fine.
  15. I made sure that the plugs and wires were fully seated and checked vaccume lines and the light went off. For now.......