Mach 1 flood of 2004 Mach1's??????

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by BGMNY04Mach, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. I purchased my Orange 2004 Mach in December. Great car! Great deal too $24.2K Only 200 miles so far due to bad weather here. Traded my 2001 GT/Auto/Rag Top.
    The small, maybe 250 new sales a year, dealer here, Feduke Ford Inc. has sold THREE Mach's in three months, My Orange 2004, a Yellow 2004 in January, and a new 2003, for $22K, a few weeks ago

    Is there a flood of 2004 Mach1's out there and left-over 03s?
  2. Yes there is! I joined the club last week. I say there is probably OVER-production across all breeds of stang in anticipation of the all-new '05 and the closing of current production lines. Just a guess.
  3. Ford must know that so many people will be interested in an 04 Mach 1 for under $27,000. When the 03 Mach 1 came out, some people paid over $34,000 for them in the first few months. Anyone who considered an 03, but passed it up due to overpricing would definitely be interested in what the 04 offers for almost $10,000 less.

    I'd love to have an 04 Mach 1, but patience is winning out cause I just can't wait to see what special edition comes out in the next 2-3 years. That's when I'll bite. Not an easy choice though.

    Remember though, Ford and the dealers want to rid all the lots of 04 stangs, because so many people are going to go absolutely nuts over the 05 model. The 05 model will look significantly different from the 04 which will hurt 04 sales, even though prices on the 04 will drop. As stated above, Ford is probably emptying their scheduled inventory as quickly as possible.
  4. Oh, by the way......I'm posting here because my father-in-law (God bless him) is letting me borrow his 03 Mach 1 for two whole weeks. It's only got 850 miles and it was one of the first ones sold. All I can say is that I am so impressed that I just have to check out this section of the forum to learn others opinions and thoughts.

    My neighbors sure do take a second peek when I leave the house and when I return. Wish it were mine, though. Guess I better just enjoy it while I got it. :)