Florida 5.0 Gauge Cluster

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  1. Anyone have any of these installed in your cars? I'm thinking of getting one soon. Seems like a nice way to install some autometers pretty cleanly and since my dash gauges now are all not working as well as they should, I figured it would be a good investment.

    Anyone have any experience with them?

  2. How was the install? I'm going with the six gauge cluster with all the same gauges as stock. Did you add any additional lights, etc? It looks like a nice piece.
  3. just a standard set up. my kit was an old one

    I hear the newer ones are more plug n play friendly
  4. That's good to hear. Thanks for your input!
  5. Dp they come with a shift light for the tach?
  6. I installed a shiftlight in the vent of the 91. It wasnt included.
  7. Do they use new senders or do they tap into the factory wiring?
  8. They have options to add shift lights as well. The cost is an extra $135 to install the light in the cluster. All the information is on their website: www.florida50.com

    I'm not sure about senders. I believe they use the factory wiring behind the cluster so I'm assuming they use the factory wiring.
  9. 5.0Drop, what did you do about the odometer when you installed the cluster? Did you put it in and not worry about the zero'd out mileage on the speedo? Also, how does the speedo hook up to the factory speedo cable?
  10. Well they look great and are more accurate than the stockers but damn $700 :eek: I know gauges are expensive and all but damn id just get a SSP cluster for under $200 :shrug:

    The Autometer speedo is designed for the stock speedo cable in that setup. I think it was Shawn that told me that :shrug:
  11. I kind of like the way the mc-machine gauge plates look.

  12. Pricey but worth it. Put my shift light in the vent hole.
  13. Ahhh vera niiiice.... (borat)

    do you want to make-a sexy time?

  14. Doesn't that defeat the purpose then?

    I mean if it's using all the factory wiring, then you are basically buying a fancy white-face gauge kit.

    I always thought it used real autometers that had individual senders for the water temp, oil pressure and so on
  15. A Nordskog system is less than that
    you can get a Nordskog cluster for almost half that
  16. i prefer the MC-Machine setup.


    ive got it in my car and love it. it has laser etched idiot lights and indicators in it. its made out of aluminum and available in a variety of finishes. it doesnt have the cheap plastic look and feel of the florida5.0 piece. with the cheap little indicators. The mc machine plate also has the oil/brake/engine lights available.

    you do have to trim the dash. but installation is pretty straight forward if you can run a basic wiring circuit. i put my setup together pretty cheap because i took the mechanical oil/water gauges out of my pillar pod, bought a new(but "used) tach and speedo, and then bought the volts/fuel gauges from my local speed shop. i also sold the monster tach.

    you will be happy with either, and they are both very nice pieces. you can splice/tap into the stock harness for all the gauges if you want.

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    more pics (sorry for the mess)
  17. The autometers are more accurate than the stock gauges, isn't that what you are paying for with them? Does it really matter where the gauge gets its information, i.e. the stock sender? I just replaced the temp sender when I did the intake swap so I'm sure that's fine.

    I've contacted people from Florida 5.0 and they seem pretty good with answering questions. I'll have to talk to them before I buy anything.
  18. Those Nordskog systems just look tacky as all hell. Looks like it belonged in the car from Back To The Future with its flux capacitor.
  19. I'm with Nove - I really don't like that cheap looking wrinkle plastic look of the Florida 5.0 panel.

    I have the MC-Machine panel too and really love it - I had like $400 in it with all the guages and panel, although I got a panel from him that was a little cheaper because it had some light scratches.