flowmaster american thunder axle back?

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  1. does anyone know how the american thunder axle back sounds on a v6? i like how it sounds on the gt and i dont mind the fact that its only single, but how does it sound?
  2. found my answer

    just to answer my own question...after searching and searching, i found someone on ebay who bought the flowmaster american thunder v6 axle back from ninosport and he loves it. he says its "not that bull**** 4 cylinder high pitch sound but a deep low rumble." i also asked ninosport and they said "it is going to be comperable to the Magnaflow, but a little bit deeper rumble." i considered the MRT turbine but im gonna give this a try. hope this helps anyone who was debating like i was.
  3. MAC axle back now?

    ok......for anyone who doesnt already know, finding the perfect exhaust for the v6 is hard! many websites are only devoted to gt sound clips and gt products or the clips and products we do find sound like sh** on the v6! i have been talking to a guy from ninosport(store on ebay - very helpful!) and asked him about the flowmaster american thunder axle back. as i said before, he told me it is comparable to magnaflow but deeper and louder. he also suggested the MAC stainless steel axle back(which is $20 less) as it is very comparable in sound. i asked him regardless of price which one he would recommend in terms of sound, durability, and so on... he suggests the MAC - he says it will be a more aggressive sound and the fact that it is stainless steel means that it be more durable (the flowmaster is made of an aluminized material - think about how long you plan on having your car....if you plan on having it a long time, wouldnt it be logical to go with a product that will hold up and sound the same as when you first bought it). for now im saying that im going with the MAC. hope this helps
  4. I just switched to the American Thunder Flows on my car. I will have sound clips this weekend. I love the sound!!!!!
  5. cant wait to hear it!

    congrats, hope you like them. i heard your other clip, you have a nice setup. cant wait to hear how these sound
  6. open for input!

    im still debating on MAC and flowmaster... i have pretty much narrowed it down to these two (yes i have considered MRT turbine). if anyone has any input or sound clips i would love to hear it cuz i started thinking and if MAC is really that much better in ninosport's mind why is it cheaper? maybe they are just trying to move unpopular products that they cant get rid of or maybe not...i dont know. thanks
  7. Go with the flowmaster's you will not be disapointed

  8. You can find some clips here:


    H60 posted some good ones.
  9. Hello, im new in the forums and i just bought a 2006 v6 mustang and i was wonder what kind of dual exhaust to get and how much it would cost. If any of you guys live in the Dallas area or the HEB area could lean me to a good place to get this done. thank you
  10. flowmaster it is

    i dont care what i say between now and when it comes in, im going with flowmaster (just as soon as my car is done at the body shop....2 weeks ago some idiot thought it would be a good idea to go 50 mph over a hill on his crotch rocket and ruin my day by recreating the scene from final destination 2)...thanks for the input guys, ill get some clips when i can and post them
  11. what about me tho :) i need help and dont wanna make a new thread my post above.
  12. glad to help...

    glad to help hutch....im pretty new to the forums myself(just joined about a week or so ago), but i have been doing research for probly about a month. you said that you wanted to go dual (which i will probly eventually do, but for now im going single), i would start by thinking about what kind of sound you want. do you want a progressively(smooth but agressive) deep sound (didnt know what to call it - i would suggest flowmaster for that sound, thats what i like), a deep classic american muscle car sound where you can hear what sounds like a loud grumbling or vibrating in the exhaust tone(maybe bassani?),or do you want something else. different people like different sounds - think about your perfect sound and we can go from there. if anyone else has any advice im sure he wouldnt mind....thanks guys
  13. im looking for more of a american muscle (aggressive ) style. Isnt bassani like motorcycles ?
  14. i dont know if bassani makes stuff for motorcycles, i dont know much about motorcycles (except idiots shouldnt have them - im still bitter about my baby being slammed into)...but bassani does make exhaust kits for the mustang. i have heard them on a gt and they sound pretty good if thats what you like (it was a really deep, really loud sound). have you listened to any sound clips? there are some on this website and you should also go on google or msn or yahoo search and search for "2005(or 2006) mustang exhaust sound clips" or "2005(or 2006) mustang sound clips" or something like that. a lot of the clips are gonna be for a gt, so youre gonna have to remember that if you find one you really like. no matter what other upgrades you do, it will never sound like a v8, but it is going to sound so much better. the one hesitation i had on going with a system like bassani was the fact that i only heard it on a v8. on a v8 it really sounds good and accentuates the engine, but i didnt know what it was going to sound like on a v6. i was definitely not going to install a system that made it sound like a go cart. thats why im going with flowmaster. you should check out the flowmaster american thunder system for the gt, it sounds really good and ive heard that it sounds good on the 6. we will hopefully have some clips of it on the 6 soon, rygen just installed it and he likes it. its all about preference. oh by the way i just looked at the item description for a dual bassani system for the stang and its definitely aggressive, it says that it may not be legal in some states if that tells you something!(ninosport.com)
  15. But doesnt flowmaster only have dual for the GT's and not the v6's ? Do the flowmasters sound good? ? ? (not like a lawnmower)
  16. yes they do only make a dual bolt on kit for the gt mustang, which means you would have to buy the dual gt kit and have a local exhaust shop do the rest(as opposed to just being able to bolt it on yourself). no it wont sound like a lawnmower, i have the same concern with my exhaust and i would never even think about putting an exhaust like that on my car. you should wait till rygen puts those clips up of his exhaust cuz from my understanding he has pretty much done what i just explained to you with the dual flowmasters and he said that he likes it.

  17. It keeps getting better and better in my opinon, at idle, she rumbles real nice. I will have sound clips tomorrow night EST.
  18. for anyone who hasnt already checked out rygen's sound clip, it is awesome! check it out and you will definitely agree :flag: i have listened to this clip about a hundred times and i still cant believe what im hearing, it is a deep, strong sound that is probly the closest we will ever come to the v8 sound. incredible! i ordered mine this weekend and i cant wait for it to come in
  19. ok....i ordered the flowmaster american thunder axle back kit on saturday and emailed ninosport yesterday to check the status. the last 2 flowmaster kits they had in stock were damaged in shipping to their warehouse and they are not getting anymore until the middle of the month. they again pushed the MAC kit(probly why they pushed it in the first place) because they said its going to give the same tone but deeper. i finally agreed and have been told that it will be here on tuesday of next week. im pretty frustrated because i was off for spring break this week(not next week!), but at least ninosport has been helpful and given me answers.
  20. should have called summit. they have the flows in stock (shipped for under $300)