Flowmaster vs Dynomax

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  1. I am just curious on witch sound people prefer?
  2. dynomax race bullets..nothin else
  3. when i had my 91 coupe, back in the day, i use to have dynomax ultra flows, it was the sound
  4. I have flows on both my Mustangs. I honestly don't like any other exhaust
  5. I don't like either, love how mac sounds. Its all about what you like though listen to different sound clips and try to make up your mind.
  6. I have Mac everything Long tubes Mac off road H-pipe and Mac cat back...MAC cat backs...SUCK...sounds like crap....Cant wait to get flows.....
  7. I had MAC before. I hated how it sounded and tossed it out and got my flows.

    Hoestly. Exhaust sounds is completely opinionated. What one person loves...another person will hate. And since we are all egotistically..if we like it...it MUST be the best thing right??
  8. I have the DynoMax Super Turbos. Wicked tough sound. I had the whole neighborhood out to see what was sounding so dang tough.

    I don't like the sound of Flows. But who cares what we think. Do what I did... listen to cars around your area. Find one that sounds killer and go as the owner what is on it. :nice:
  9. Exactly. I hate flows prob because almost every rustang has them. Dynomax bullets sound like crap unless that has a pretty serious engine backing them up. I has bbk shorties, mac x and mac catback and thought it sounded nasty.Its all opinion.
  10. an off road H and flowmaster 40s are how a 5.0 is meant sound
  11. bassani o/r x pipe and flowmaster american thunder sounds great on mine. i wouldn't have it any other way
  12. I like the sound of the 40 series Flows better than the Magnaflows i had on my car.
  13. Buy what YOU like!!!! Listening to someone elses car is fine but keep in mind that your engine is an air compressor. The more air you move through it the more the sound changes. Unless you have the exact same Intake,heads,cam,headers, mid pipe and mufflers it will not sound the same. I was running a cobra intake, gt40 iron heads, an Anderson cam, Mac longtubes, Pro chamber, and Spintech pro streets. IMHO it was the baddest sound I have ever heard come out of a fox body. OH YEAH..... That was on a 88 GT. That matters as well. Tips sticking out the rear(LX) sound completely different fron tips turned down(GT)
  14. Neither, had both on a 18 yr old car (Flowmaster will always sound good ,but after awhile ,years I mean ,they star to sound like mufflers with or coffee cans with rocks in them ) just my .02 I had what was called the original oval flomaster on a 1983 GT (new ) in 1984 and people freaked over the sound it was so good (2 1/2 back then ) had Flows on 2 other street Mustangs ,85 coupe and a 86 GT all sounded great ,Then I bought my 91 notch and sound changed with there ( then in 93 ) stage 2 ( they lasted on the stang for 4 years ,got the same ,lasted 2 years ) When Magnaflow came out I said I wold try them ,and did .Had a whole exhaust done up with stainless ..Got to say ..they don't have that low noise that flow have ,but when you jump on it !! Everybody ( people i don't no tell me how good the car sounds ? !. I like the Magnaflow sounds. sold.

    Tho whenever I hear a tuff mustang (cause I live in Ocean City ,Maryland ) I always love what anybody got ,and sweated to make it BAD !.
  15. you only hate MAC because you have them set up with an off road h pipe...with that setup your car sounds like a truck, i know i had it at one time as well.

    get an x pipe, keep the macs...it will be as if you got a whole new exhaust
  16. Can i buy a X-pipe thats all ready made for my combo? Mac long tubes and Mac cat back? i would try it if i dont like it i can always put the H-pipe back in....
  17. From Mac themselves, no, but they do have the prochamber which is very similar to an x pipe and creates a similar sound but not as raspy. better than an H though.


    but BBK makes an o/r x pipe for longtubes as seen here:

    BBK: 1979-2008 Mustang Off Road Exhaust Mid X Pipes

    having the prochamber or the x will get rid of that loud rapping sound that you are getting now...it will sound mean and throaty with that signature rasp...no more truck sound, just aggressive muscle

    as for price, the prochamber in that pic is a bit under $300 from mac, as opposed to 180 for the x from BBK
  18. I'm not a fan of the Pro Chamber personally. I bought it and ran it for 3 years and didn't know how much it sucked until i swapped it out for an X.

    As for the Dynomax vs. Flowmaster....i would probably opt for the Dynomax just because i've had Flows 100 times. However, one negative thing i will say about Dynomax is every kit i've ever had rusted out BAD, and they were all stainless kits. I've had them on my Mustang as well as 2 kits on my Cherokee and they tend to rust out really bad around the welds and particularly the inlet and outlet of the mufflers. Flowmasters on the other hand, i have a set that are at least 10 years old and they're not even surface rusted, and they're just mild steel.

    I should make a note that the Dynomax did last a good 4 years on my Cherokee, so i guess that's reasonable as far as the rust thing. It just baffles me how long these Flows have lasted...but i guess my Cherokee being a daily driver probably saw more use than the Flows so maybe the rust thing is perfectly reasonable. The cat-back for my Cherokee is only $140 complete so i guess i shouldn't complain.
  19. I think i'll keep the H-pipe for now and try to sell my cat back and just buy a American Thunder kit with the super 44's....The pro chamber is almost as much as a full cat back...lol and im not sure that X pipe from BBk will fit my set-up i have now....
  20. Dynomax's Race Magnum i had both types on my cars nd my new motor is going to have the dynomax race bullets