Flowmaster vs Dynomax

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  1. Why wouldnt it fit? its an x made for longtubes. ball and socket fitting up to the headers on one end, and the same on the back end where it bolts to the cat back. and its only 180 bucks.

    if you STILL dont like the sound, then sell everything you have and get the flowmaster cat back to use with the x.

    here is a sound clip of the MACn89blckstng, some of you know him from this board. having a little fun out at school...off road x with macs
    MOV00734.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  2. The shop that did my install said he tried that a couple of times and it didnt fit so well....lol thats why i bought all Mac i had a hard time finding the Mac h-pipe they discontinued it...I could have bought the BBK H-pipe or X pipe but the guy told me it was going to line up that great....And why does it sound crappy with an H pipe but Not an X what does it change to make it sound better...Just curious i know alot of newer cars come stock with X pipes now....Also do they make a catted X-pipe?
  3. Do you have a sound clip? I'd like to hear your setup.
  4. the flow pattern of an h vs x is what creates the sound difference. the x balances the exhaust flow better than an h does. there is some crossover effect with an h but not nearly as much as an x and when you combine that with the design of the mac muffler, it ultimately ends up sounding just like some old pickup with straight dual exhaust. the x balances and flows better, and for some reason the mufflers come out sounding better. im sure there is some element of physics and geometry that can explain this, but i know that when i had an o/r h with macs i hated the sound, but MACn89blckstng ran an o/r x and his car sounded killer.

    here is the link to the x with converters:
    BBK: 1979-2008 Mustang Exhaust Mid X Pipes With Converters
  5. Thanks for that link the only thing on those they have the air tube pipe i dont have an air pump anymore so i would just plug those? and i guess if i didnt like the sound i could put the Flowmaster A/T kit behind that X pipe too...this does sound like a plan...Now i need to come up with the cash...lol Anyone interested in the Mac cat back tho if i dont like it...
  6. I had a 89 midnight hatch with dynomax superturbos and they don't droon as much but, sound deeper and better then flowmasters. They aren't totally obnoxious and interior noise is low too. They also have nice tailpipes.
  7. 100% personal preference... I like raspy, x-pipes and really loud, others like, deep rumble... Hard to choose an exhaust based off opinions, because you will get as many as there are combinations of exhaust.
  8. I like them both but if you go with the Super Turbos it may not be long before you want a more aggressive sound. Especially if you're running cats. I've moved to Magnaflows since I'm into a more toned down note nowadays but IMO Flowmasters still sound the best.
  9. I had a Dynomax cat-back on my car for over 10 years and got sick of them. They drone pretty badly and are only a little louder than stock and don't have a lot of character. I can't speak about Flowmasters becuase I've never owned them. I can tell you I just recently got a Bassani cat-back and catted x pipe and it blows the Dynomax away in terms of sound and performance. Wish I had made the change sooner.:flag: