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  1. I am looking at buying some 1999-2004 GT fog lights for my '03 V6 and was wondering if anybody has installed these in there car, and how difficult where they ? I have also heard that you need a special kit to install them in V6's is that true? And my last question is that i want to install the switch for the lights in one of the dead swithces that i have next to my rear de-fog button.... is that possible, and how is easy would it be>?> Thanks for any help.
  2. well you have to buy the switch from ford, it's going to run ya about $50 or so. the wiring harness is already there for the switch, just get rid of the dummy and pop in the new switch. the only problem is going to be figuring out where the wire comes out at. You should get the mounting brackets for the fog lights and that will work fine. I looked into this because I am planning on doing it myself, where are you buying your lights from?
  3. I am looking at several different places like Parts shopper...junk yards..
  4. The switch was easy to do, just plug in...when I went to ford to buy the switch I just got another fog light switch and stuck it where the traction control is. It was pretty easy to wire the car for the foglights, all in all, took about 2 or so hours.
  5. its really easy but.... you dont have a factory wiring harness to plug them up to, so you will have to run your own wires. and on top of that you dont have the plugs taht go into the back of the bulbs.... so you will need to yank a set from a junk yard stang or buy some oem new ones OR make your own... its very easy just buy some connectors and run a power and ground its how ever you perfer.

    just buy a relay switch and a fuse, along with a toggle switch oem will be great so you can make it all look like an OEM install.

    pull up on the pins behind the head light and pull the head light out then unplug the parking amber light take a power tester and find the wire that is ONLY hot when the parking lights are on, there should be a turn signal power and a parking light/head light power wire. you need to splice a wire in with this power wire that is on when the parking lights or head lights and parking lights are on.

    mount the relay where ever you choose, mine is by my battery, then run a power wire from the battery or from some power that can handle the fog lights power that they will pull. the battery positive terminal is a sure bet, run the fuse no more than 18 inches from the battery if you can. once you have the wire from the battery, though the fuse, to the relays POWER location, run the ground wire from the relay back to the battery. now you remember that wire you spliced into the turn signal's power wire that is hot when the parking lights or head lights are on, run that wire to the relay to the accesory in slot, and run the accesory out slot to the fog lights power wire, just run one wire and splice it off into two wires and run a power wire to each fog light, now finally run a ground wire from the fog lights to where ever you want.

    this does not include the switch this will turn the fogs on every time the parking lights or head lights are on, no way to turn them off but why would you want to?

    if you want a switch run the wire from the head light parking light to the switch then back to the relay.

    so power from battery to relay with fuse in line, ground relay on neg battery terminal, find parking light power wire on turn signal to the toggle on/off switch then back to the relay's accesory in and then from the relays accesory out to teh fog lights, and ground the fog lights thats it, much simpler when you are actually doing it the hard part is running the wire around.
  6. i wanted the same things..i just went out and bought aftermarket fogs, they dont fit EXACTLY but i mean unless your going for looks like a GT then i would go aftermarket, if that switch is 50, u can get other ones for cheaper and just run them inside iwth the switch, i mean unless your going for the GT look, then i'd go with the other one, i mean it was cheaper...goodluck!
  7. First off I wasnt to say thanks to everyone one that has helped me out. The only thing i am a little confused with is the plugs on the back of the fog lights.I am going to Buy ford Factory fog lights, and i wanted to make sure that when i buy them do i need to buy special plugs from ford or can i get them at the local auto store. THanks Again everybody, so far you guys have helped me make my Stang look and run its best!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Buy a kit from a Ford dealer and it has everything needed to install the fog lights. They will work the same as a GT. The fog lights will only work with the lights on low beam or parking lights. When you switch to high beam the fog lights go off. The cost is about $190.00 for the kit.
  9. or you can do a custom install, like i did... lol
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  10. Hey the best advice I can give you is that if you really want to make the job as professional as possible you can buy the harness all ready to install, but nee a switch and you are in business. I just spent a whole month researching it and finally I did it. So this is what I did, my fogs and my harness along with the switch look straight out of the factory like GTs.

    Regular fog switch, which I bought from eBay for $12

    American muscle roxio fog lights got them during memorial day for cheap.

    I ordered a custom professionally made harness from this seller.

    1999 00 01 2 3 4 Mustang V6 GT Fog Light Wiring Harness | eBay

    this is the harness I got. and it was a two hour job easy and painless.

    if you are going for original look don't hold back. I didn't and could be much happier .

    2004 40TH Anniversary Oxford White Mustang V6 3.9lt


    H&R Super Sports Springs

    Koni Adjustable Shocks and Struts

    Steeda Camber Cater Plates

    Steeda X2 Ball Joint and Bump steer kit

    BBK Cold Air Intake


    MAGNAFLOW Catback Dual Exhaust 4" Tips

    Mach 1 13" Front Rotors and Calipers


    Recent Tune Up

    GK Iridium IX Performance Sparks Plugs

    10mm Performance Distributors Live wire

    MSD Performance Coil Pack

    and all Royal Purple oil 5w-20

    and new

    ROXIO FOG LIGHTS with custom made harness, the cool part about the harness is that the fogs stay on when you have the high brights on.

    Hope this info about the fog light harness can help you.

    I will post pictures on the fogs and other upgrades I have done.