Ford Mustang To Star In Need For Speed Movie

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  1. We’ve all been there at some point…crouched over the QWERTY, with a gaming mouse or at the console with a controller or steering wheel in-hand; swerving, smoking tires, and avoiding pursuit in the virtual racing world. The ‘Need for Speed’ series of games has captured audiences worldwide for nearly 20 years and isn’t about to leave any thrill untouched. Know what’s even cooler? A group of producers has teamed up and roped in the Ford Mustang for an actual movie based upon the video game series. There’s no solid word on the title just yet, but you can safely bank it will somehow tie in the long-standing Need for Speed moniker in order to take advantage of the franchise’s successes.

    The Ford Mustang in the movie is reported to be a 900hp variant, powered by the all-aluminum, 5.8-liter, supercharged V8…not too bad at all, considering America’s favorite pony car will be ripping the roadways with a healthy collection of global exotics and supercars, no doubt. As for the timing of when we get to see it all–it’s presently pinned for March of next year, right along with the Mustang 50th Anniversary. How convenient, right?

    Cool? Corny? Meh? Regardless of how you react, it’s going to be a cool sight to see, if at the least to say it’s the X-thousandth time you have spied a Ford Mustang in a production silver screen product…

    Source: Top Gear

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